13 Things You Must Tell The Parlour Lady Before A Bikini Wax!

13 Things You Must Tell The Parlour Lady Before A Bikini Wax!

Let’s be straight, getting your bikini area waxed is no walk in the park, but it’s a much better option than shaving. On one hand you’re left with smooth, hairless skin for weeks - that can make many of us feel sexier than ever. But on the other hand, waxing your lady parts can be uncomfortable, intimidating and of course, very painful. So, to help you get through it with ease, we give you a few things you should tell the parlour lady before (and during) your bikini wax. There’s no need to be shy. Being honest with her will help make the experience a bit more comfortable, plus once she knows what’s on your mind, she’ll definitely put you at ease.

1. ‘This is my first time’

Read: ‘I’m super nervous and may sweat and squirm a lot. Use soothing words, please!’

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2. Be specific if you want to go completely hairless or want to leave anything behind

If you don’t intend on being completely bald down there, let her know before she picks up the waxing strip. Whether you want to leave a landing strip is completely up to you.

3. ‘My skin is verrrry sensitive’

If you have sensitive skin, it’s super important to let her know before she begins. She can then brief you about the process and aftercare to sooth redness and inflammation, if any.

4. ‘I need a trim’

To try and cut down on the pain, trim the hedges. The ideal length of hair is about a quarter of an inch, to get a good grip on it with the strip. Longer than that can lead to increased pain. Ouch!

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5. 'I WILL inevitably scream and might even create a scene!'

So that she can’t say you didn’t warn her!

6. Your medical history and current medication, if any

If you’re on any current medication, speak up. Blood thinners and hormone related medication can lead to redness, bruising and bleeding sometimes, so let her know.

7. ‘What kind of wax should we use?’

With so many options out there, from chocolate wax to rica, you definitely want to have this discussion with her. Pick the one that is better suited for your skin and hair type and whether you have ingrown hair.

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8. 'At any point if I give up and ask you to stop midway, DON'T give in.’

Although she can and should stop for a minute to give you a break to help you relax and take a deep breath.

9. If the wax is too warm…

Let her know! Even if she’s blowing on it, there’s no way for her to know unless you tell her.

10. 'In case I use any curse words, please remember they aren't directed at you.’

Don’t worry, she’s used to it!

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11. ‘Be a *little* gentle, please!’

This goes without saying, but there’s no harm in reminding her, is there?

12. 'I hope you have that cold pack ready to soothe the skin down there, after.’

You need this to calm redness and bumps.

13. ‘When do I need to come back?’

How often you need to wax your bikini area depends on your hair growth, but it should be around 4-5 weeks.

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