15 Cute Little Things You And *Bae* Need To Buy Together!

15 Cute Little Things You And *Bae* Need To Buy Together!

Your boyfriend and you are the cutest couple around and you want to tell the world the same! So here are 15 absolutely adorable things to buy with him to flaunt your coolness to the world and also to bring you two closer. Don’t worry, both of you are absolutely going to love each and every one of these!

1. Drink To Togetherness

1 things to buy

How perfect are these personalised champagne flutes? The two of you can sit together on a cozy night in and drink out of these glasses while watching a movie or just talking.

Price: Rs 1,599. Buy it here.

2. Warm Feet, Happy Hearts

2 things to buy

A pair of socks with beer mugs on it seems like your thing? Buy these adorable sock for the two of you and wear them at home with your pajamas. They come in two sizes- ankle length and full length!

Price: Rs 249 and Rs 299. Buy them here and here.

3. Chemical Romance Cups

3 things to buy

If you want to tell the world just how amazing the two of you are, buy two of these ‘Our chemistry rules’ cups. These cups have a quirky, colourful print that’ll brighten your morning!

Price: Rs 295 each. Buy it here.

4. Disney Cuteness

4 things to buy

Are the two of you diehard Disney fans? Buy this matching crop top and shirt from Koovs with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse details and you can go for the next party in matching outfits without looking OTT!

Price: Rs 1,295 and Rs 995. Buy them here and here.

5. Wallet Love

5 things to buy

Tired of old boring wallets? Get yourselves these matching card holders with your names on it. These card holders are really lightweight and compact. Plus, it’s also available in a Matte Gold colour on the website!

Price: Rs 350. Buy it here.

6. A Game Of Love

6 things to buy

Want an easy way to have fun with your partner? Then this ‘Kaho Na Jar Hai’ is perfect for you. It has 52 notes, one for each week of the year and they range from simple cute ideas to naughty ones. Every note can be used a multiple number of times, making the game unending.

Price: Rs 1,430. Buy it here.

7. Sunglass Swag

7 things to buy

Want to look like a million bucks strutting down the college corridors? Buy these super cool sunglasses for bae and yourself! While the colours of the two sunglasses are different, the style is absolutely the same!

Price: Rs 1,499 and Rs 999. Buy them here and here.

8. Promises, Promises!

8 things to buy

This ‘Forever and Owlways’ keychain is the most endearing thing you’ll see on the internet today. Buy one for yourself and one for bae and let this be an unsaid promise of being together ‘owlways’!

Price: Rs 245 each. Buy it here.

9. A Walk Down The Memory Lane

9 things to buy

‘We Need To Talk’ is another amazing game that will help you and reconnect if it’s been a while since you guys have been dating! It’ll help the two of you spend some quality time together and get to know each other much better!

Price: Rs 600. Buy it here.

10. Shoes Make Us Happy

10 things to buy

Make a style statement with your partner by wearing these cute casual shoes! While the men’s shoes are loafers with a tassel, the women’s shoes are slip-ons with extremely cute bow detail! You’ll be the talk of the town with these shoes!

Price: Rs 1,599 and Rs 1,499. Buy them here and here.

11. Travel In Style

11 things to buy

These travel pouches are so stylish that every couple needs to own one of these. With gold lettering on black pouches, this set of two travel kits can solve all your packing problems. The men’s pouch can hold the shaving kit and toiletries while the women’s pouch can hold makeup.

Price: Rs 725. Buy it here.

12. Filmy Coasters

12 things to buy

If you’re the ultimate Bollywood Buff couple, this set of four coasters is just the thing you need in your life! These coasters have four iconic cheesiest dialogues that’ll have you and all your friends laughing!

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

13. ‘Watch’ Out For Us!

13 things to buy

If you’re the kind of couple who prefers to keep it on the low but still wants to nail the couple dressing trend, these watches from Fastrack are your best bets! It cannot get more classic than a black dial with red details. Perfect for college!

Price: Rs 677 and Rs 680. Buy them here and here.

14. Gym Buddies

14 things to buy

If you’re a couple that loves working out together, here are matching Nike ‘As dry miler’ workout tees that will keep you dry in the gym. You’ll also be setting #CoupleGoals in the gym!

Price: Rs 957 and Rs 1,017. Buy them here and here.

15. Down The Shots

15 things to buy

Do the two of you looove to drink? Then get yourselves these cute shot glasses which say ‘bewda’ and ‘bewdi’ and the get drunk while laughing your heads off on these glasses!

Price: Rs 349. Buy it here.

Which one of these are you buying with him?