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Jazz up your sex life with these steamy hot sex experiments!

Jazz up your sex life with these steamy hot sex experiments!

We all spend our weeks the same way - we work, we crib, we laugh and we unwind. Most of the time, we never try anything new. We are about to change that for you! Here are 7 sex experiments that we have curated for you for every day of the week. That’s right! It’s time to get down and dirty, not just once or twice but every time!!

1. Mirror Image Monday

Have you ever tried checking yourself out in the mirror while you and your partner are at it? No? You’re really missing out on something! Yes, we kid you not but looking at yourself in the mirror can be a huge turn-on for both the parties. Call it narcissistic or just plain appreciation for your own body, but this sex experiment always works. This sex idea is just like watching yourself play the lead in a very well made sex movie!

2. Toy With Tuesday

Say hello to some sexy toys! Don’t get scared, you can begin experimenting nice and slow during sex with something like a vibrator. If you’re wondering how you’re supposed to use a vibrator during sex then don’t. It is not only extremely easy but also works wonders for both the parties!

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3. Go Whacky on Wednesday

Wednesday is when you are at the peak of the week. Both mentally and physically. You spent the first two days getting in the groove and the next few days you will spend getting out of it. Wednesday is when you can actually go crazy. What sex experiment you have to do on Wednesday is actually a task - you have to turn each other on without using your hands. Yes, you heard us right! You can use every other part of your body, just not your hands. Here are some tricks to get started!

4. Tied Up Thursday

In this sex idea, put his ties to good use and tie him up. It could be just his arms together or you can lightly tie him to the bedpost. Then get your bad girl mode on and get on top of him. You can also experiment the other way, let him tie you up and turn the table around!

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5. Friday Fantasy

Time to begin the weekend on a great start! For this sex experiment, take a bowl and put in a mix of yours and your partner’s fantasies. Shake it up and pick one or ask your partner to choose one. Then all you have to do is fulfil that fantasy. Now is this sex idea fantastic or what?

6. Sneaky Saturday

There are plenty of sex ideas to make your Saturday happening. One of them is to keep the element of surprise running through the day. Here is a task for Saturday - decide that both of you have to surprise each other with a quickie once before the day ends. That means two quickies in a day. Now neither of you know where, when and how but you have to do it and it has to be a surprise for the other person. Isn’t this sex experiment sneaky, huh? *Wink*

6 sex experiments

7. Sunday Funday

It’s the last day of the week! So we really want you to relax now. Just unwind and what about a sex experiment where you have to play some kinky games with your partner? To up the fun level, you can choose a random number between 1-10 and play those many games!

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