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#MyStory: I Realized I Loved Him… And So Did My Bestie!


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Tanmay and I had known each other since childhood. We were in the same school and batch but in different sections. I had a crush on him in school because he used to play the tabla and I used to play the harmonium. As we reached high school, our sections got merged due to the subjects we had chosen. I liked sitting next to him but still didn’t tell him how I felt about him because we were way too young for such things.

After a couple of years, Sakshi joined our class. She was shy but very beautiful. A lot of people thought that she was a bit arrogant. But as I started interacting with her we became best friends...And we still are! Time went by and school came to an end.

My friendship with Sakshi and Tanmay only got stronger even after we left school. The bond between Tanmay and Sakshi too grew, over time. One day both of us (Sakshi and I) confessed to Tanmay that we both liked him in school. Although we told him about our school crush, nothing happened because Sakshi didn't believe in relationships and I couldn't handle one.

Internal loved the same guy

We were in our final year of college when our school organized a reunion. It was then that I got to know that both Sakshi and Tanmay had a thing for each other. I used to regularly talk to both of them over social media yet I knew nothing about them having confessed their feelings to each other until then. Throughout school and college I had been convincing Tanmay that he liked Sakshi whereas Sakshi kept on pumping me that I should upgrade my relationship status from best friend to girlfriend with Tanmay.

After they had both confessed their love to each other I realized I may also be in love with Tanmay. I had fallen for him during school but didn’t realize it. Sakshi and I both loved the same guy.

I don’t want to ruin their relationship but it hurts to not be able to convey my feelings to him. They are obviously each other’s first priority and at times I feel left out. I don’t know if what I am feeling is right, but I seriously think that I love him and I love her too because of which I will never confess my love to Tanmay. I still want them both to be by my side and I will always have their back… Irrespective of how I feel.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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Published on May 25, 2017
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