wtf moments people had during sex

7 People Reveal… Their Most WTF Moments During Sex!

Shivani Shrivastava

Trending Editor

We know sex is fun, but sometimes - just sometimes - it can get awkward too. So if you’ve had sex, you know things do get a bit embarrassing every now and then. Now what are those things that make sex awkward? Well, we found this thread on Whisper where people are sharing WTF moments they’ve had during sex and you’ve got to read them.  

1. Tears of joy!


2. Well, good for you!


3. Ouch! But it’s okay, it happens.


4. When you go a little overboard!


5. The *oops* moment!

5 wtf moments people had during sex

6. Seriously? Is that even possible?

6 wtf moments people had during sex

7. A total mood-killer!

7 wtf moments people had during sex

You can read the full thread here on Whisper.

These did make us go WTF!

Images: Whisper
Published on Apr 25, 2017
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