10 Little Beauty Habits You Didn’t Know Were SO Wrong For You!

10 Little Beauty Habits You Didn’t Know Were SO Wrong For You!
Ladies, the little things we do for our skin can go a long way. Similarly, there could be little mistakes you’re making in your skincare regime or following some wrong beauty habits that could have negative repercussions on your complexion, hair and nails. Here are some beauty habits and beauty things you could be doing all wrong. It’s never too late to change, we say!

1. Beauty sleep gone wrong

1 wrong beauty habits You’ve probably heard of changing your pillowcase from time to time to keep the acne at bay, but we bet you didn’t know that sleeping in the wrong position can damage your skin big time. You see, sleeping on your tummy or sides puts pressure on your skin’s elastin and collagen fibre. You know what happens next, right? Be prepared to deal with fine lines, acne and wrinkles! The Fix: Sleeping on your back is a far better alternative.

2. Exfoliating a bit too much!

Sure exfoliating your skin often can remove dust, grime and dead skin cells, however, too much of exfoliation can irritate skin, cause breakouts and wash away your skin’s natural oils. This bad habit could also give rise to dryness and premature aging. If that’s not convincing enough for you to stop, it gets worse when whiteheads and nasty rashes begin to pop up. The Fix: Exfoliate once a week, not more than that to reap the benefits.

3. Keeping your makeup on all day & ALL night   

3 wrong beauty habits It isn’t wise to have makeup on from morning to night, especially in this hot season. And NEVER sleep with makeup on, because when cosmetic products get into your pores, it clogs them up! Blackheads and acne will soon follow.
The Fix: If it’s a hot day, always carry fresh wet wipes with you so that you can keep your skin squeaky clean. And, no matter how tired you are at night, don’t punish your skin by not removing your makeup.

4. Not applying enough sunscreen

Not in the mood to apply makeup? No problemo! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen. We can’t stress enough the importance of using a sunscreen. Not wearing it while you’re stepping out can cause age spots, scaly patches, wrinkles, pimples and even worse, increase the risk of skin cancer! Even if you do apply sunscreen, are you applying the right amount? The Fix: A coin sized amount for your face and a shot glass amount for your body is what you should be applying. When you wear sunscreen, it’s important to apply fresh layers at intervals during the day if you spend a fair amount of time out and about. And if you don’t want to invest in a sunscreen bottle, you can also search for makeup products that already contain SPF properties.

5. Using a washcloth to scrub your face

5 wrong beauty habits Repeat after us, you don’t have to use a washcloth to scrub or wipe your face! Believe it or not, but the fibres in your washcloth can irritate your skin and accidentally tear a protective layer of skin! When this happens, you’ll start to spot wrinkles, fine lines and tiny scars.
The Fix: We suggest that you cleanse your face and remove the product by using your bare fingertips and use a cotton cloth or tee to wipe the water away. Trust us, it’s much gentler on the skin.  

6. Removing your nail polish using acetone

We’ve all been guilty of using acetone to remove nail polish residue. While it seems convenient and quick, it causes great damage to your nails. It dries them up, weakens them and makes them brittle and prone to breaking. The Fix: You can either treat your nails to a new manicure at the salon or invest in a nail polish remover that is acetone-free.

7. Over-brushing your hair

7 wrong beauty habits Whether it’s twirling your hair around your finger or aimlessly searching for split ends, this could lead to hair loss! Not to forget that brushing your hair too much can also damage your strands and cause them to fall out. The Fix: The best thing for you after styling your hair for the day is to leave it alone and don’t fiddle with it as an expression of boredom. Also, brushing your hair once a day is enough to distribute your hair’s natural oils.

8. Using brushes to apply your makeup

Makeup brushes are great for giving you a pro-like look right? But it’s important not to use dirty brushes. Just how you wash your clothes and bed sheets, make sure you give the same love to your makeup brushes as well. Using the same brushes repeatedly could become breathing fields for bacteria. Just imagine when the same unwashed brush comes in contact with your skin... Hello, acne!
The Fix: For the sake of your skin, do yourself a favour and wash them. If you apply makeup regularly, you should wash them once a week. (It hardly takes a couple of minutes!)

9. Hot, relaxing showers every day

9 wrong beauty habits Sure, hot showers are relaxing for your body, but the same can’t be said about your delicate skin! Hot water tends to strip the skin from its moisture and leaves it feeling dry, flaky and rough all day. The Fix: You should totally switch to bathing with lukewarm water on a daily basis.

10. Popping your zits like there’s no tomorrow

Weirdly, every girl gets this strange thrill of examining her skin and popping her zits when she’s in front of a mirror. The harsh reality of picking at your skin constantly can cause skin tissue to die and leave nasty scars on your gorgeous face.   The Fix: We want you to know that there are many hygienic ways to tackle a situation. Wash your face every day using a mild cleanser and moisturize it often. Leave your fingers off your skin. Save the clean-ups to the professionals, please.
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