What To Do When You’re Feeling Ignored By Your Guy

What To Do When You’re Feeling Ignored By Your Guy
We have all been there! In one moment where everything is all daisies and butterflies, in the next, he is back to going about his life as if you don’t exist, and you're like - wait, what just happened? Here are 10 things to do if your boyfriend starts ignoring you.

1. Try to assess his behaviour

Just contemplate and go over the last couple of days. Try and figure out if you have subconsciously done or said something which could have hurt him. 1 boyfriend starts ignoring you

2. Confront him

If he is frank and unabashed about his problems, you should talk to him honestly about how his recent behaviour doesn’t make you feel all that great.

3. Ask his friends

Provided he doesn’t confide in you or tries to convince you that everything is great, you could discuss the issue with a common friend. Maybe he/ she can help you figure out a possible explanation for his behaviour.

4. Lie low for a bit

Cut him some slack and wait out for a couple of days to see if he becomes more responsive. Hopefully, he just needs time to figure certain things out for himself.   4 boyfriend starts ignoring you

5. Make him feel special

Plan a sweet surprise, take him to his favourite restaurant for a date. Walk that extra mile to let him know that even if he is trying to clear his head, you are always there for him.

6. See things from his perspective

Has work been too stressful for him of late? Have there been some problems in his family? Trying to assess things from his perspective might actually give you some clarity in figuring out the reason behind his unexpected behaviour.

7. Demand respect

While trying to be supportive, don’t be taken on a ride. Let it be known to him that he needs to treat you with the respect and courtesy that you deserve. He cannot get away with ignoring you or expect you to be okay with it.
7 boyfriend starts ignoring you

8. Don’t let it get to your head

It is difficult to acknowledge and move past the fact that your partner is ignoring you. But look at the situation objectively, probe the reasons instead of letting it get to your head.

9. Distract yourself

As hard as it may sound, distract your mind with something else - maybe go for some retail therapy or meet your friends for coffee. Don’t let his lack of common etiquette cause unnecessary anxiety in your life.   

10. Come to a conclusion

If his behaviour persists you have to take a call and decide how you want things to pan out… Whether you want to talk to him or let go because it’s just not working. 10 boyfriend starts ignoring you GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr