send nudes to your boyfriend

‘The First Time I Sent Nudes To My Guy…’ 7 Girls Confess!

Arya Khanna

Guest Contributor

Do you want to send nudes to your boyfriend and wonder what it’s like? Well, we found some really honest Whisper confessions from women about the first time they sent nudes to their guys. Read on and find out what they have to say. And in case, you already have sent nudes to your guy, read these confessions anyway because they’re super relatable!

1. It’s okay - you don’t have to do it again unless you want to!

1 send nudes to your boyfriend

2. Well, good for you, girl!

2 send nudes to your boyfriend

3. Don’t be self-conscious - you’re great just as you are!

3 send nudes to your boyfriend

4. We are sure your guy loved it too! *Wink*

4 send nudes

5. That’s great! (We want to know what the reaction was, though!)

5 send nudes

6. It’ll definitely spice up things for you!

6 send nudes

7. Oops!

7 send nudes

You can read the full thread here on Whisper.

So, what is your story?

Images: Whisper

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Published on Apr 30, 2017
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