#HeSays: 11 Things Guys *Really* Want To Do After Sex!

#HeSays: 11 Things Guys *Really* Want To Do After Sex!
We've told you many of our bedroom fantasies - where we want to have sex, how we want to do it, etc., etc. But we don't end up talking much about the aftermath. There is this common misconception about guys - that we just want to get the hell out once the sex is over. But that's not true, ladies! Most of us have some grand plans that don't involve moving or getting dressed at all. Here are a few of them!

1. Round 2?

Are you thinking ‘so predictable’ in your heads? That's all right, we know this one is obvious. Minimum recovery time kept aside, we would love for sex to be followed by...more sex!

2. Or maybe get a blow job...

We never say no to a blow job, ladies. And right after sex, we would even scream with joy if we got one. True story!

3. Eat, eat, eat.

Like, a WHOLE pepperoni pizza. The large one. With some chicken wings. Our bodies crave food after that workout! 3 after sex  

4. And, of course, sleep.

All that release of tension makes us just want to nap right there and then. It's the best kind of sleep there is, honestly.

5. Cuddle - yes, really!

Who said men don't like cuddling? Many of us actually even initiate it after sex - it's a great feeling and we're not ashamed to admit it.

6. Watch the game... (Don't kill us!)

Some mindless sports-watching, right there in bed, is the perfect way to recover from that heart-racing experience. We don't even mind if the TV is on mute! 6 after sex

7. Play with your hair

Watching you, all exhausted and recovering after sex, is fun. Playing with your hair is even more fun. We like it.

8. And maybe with the rest of you

Even more fun than playing with your hair? Playing with the rest of your body. You're still so sensitive and your reactions are to die for. It's just...WOW.

9. Take a bath

Together, of course. Or separately, if that's not on the menu. Sex can get messy and sweaty and even though we have no problem staying sweaty with you, sometimes a bath can be amazingly relaxing. 9 after sex

10. Scroll through our phones

Not to like other girls’ photos, no! Just to look at the news, check messages, look at Facebook and laugh with you at the funny things we find there.

11. Head out!

Oddly enough, we occasionally feel extremely energetic after sex. We don't know how it happens, it just does. So we would love to head out with you for a walk - or even just till the balcony to have a drink. That would be really nice! Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr