Dear Bride, 10 Things You Can Totally Skip At Your Wedding!

Dear Bride, 10 Things You Can Totally Skip At Your Wedding!
Dear bride, while you’ve always known planning a wedding is no easy feat, it’s only now, when it’s really happening that you realise just how many teeny tiny details are actually involved. So whether you’re looking to cut down your expenses or just want some breathing space, we give you a few bridal and wedding planning tips that you can totally skip. This will definitely help you save time, cost and most importantly, your sanity!

1. A Pre-Wedding Shoot

While a lot of us love the idea of a pre-wedding shoot, it’s not something that is actually necessary. Also, a lot of time and expense goes into planning the shoot such as a hair and makeup artist to make you look your best, outfits for the couple, a gorgeous location and most importantly - a great photographer. So if you and your groomie are up for all of it then go for it, but if it’s not something high on your list of priorities, you can totally skip it.

2. Bikini Wax

2 wedding planning tips Ladies, when and how you groom your lady parts is a personal choice. Just ‘coz your friends are getting bikini waxes doesn’t mean you must, unless you actually want to. The idea of getting waxed down there can be pretty intimidating if you’ve never done it before, if it’s stressing you out and you aren’t super comfortable doing it, then don’t. It isn’t going to make a difference to your wedding night or your sex life, post marriage. If you do want to get one, make sure to start bikini waxing in advance. You don’t want to do it for the first time just a day before your functions begin, in case of redness and soreness.

3. Printed Cards

We’re living in the age of technology, which means printing cards for hundreds of guests is no longer necessary. Send an e-vite instead, to save time and cost, as well as the trouble of delivering the physical cards. Go digital, girls!

4. A Professional Wedding planner

4 wedding planning tips While wedding planners are amazing, they also come with a hefty price tag. Unless you aren’t very organized, don’t have a lot of family around to help or are planning an elaborate destination wedding, you really don’t need to hire one. Planning in advance, delegating responsibilities to your close family and friends, spending time researching vendors and staying organized with to-do lists is how you can pull off a great wedding, without the services of a professional.

5. The Designer Lehenga

We know, we know, every girl has been dreaming of her wedding lehenga since a young age, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend the equivalent price of a car on it. Designer lehengas can cost more than 3 lakhs, which is no joke, especially when you aren’t going to wear it that many times in your life. There is no dearth of smaller, much more reasonable designers who can create stunning outfits for you. And if you absolutely love a designer’s creation, you can always use it as inspiration. Stores such as Sushma Creations are popular amongst brides for creating lehengas with great flair and finish. This way you can save that money and still get your dream lehenga.  

6. Professional Photographer

6 wedding planning tips Of course you want to capture all those special moments and have those memories forever, but that doesn’t necessarily mean shelling out a large sum on a professional photographer. Instead, you can have disposable cameras at the venue, on every table perhaps, and have your guests click pictures through the event. That way you can get multiple options of great photos, plus your guests will be more than happy to oblige. Another thing you can consider, is not hiring a photographer for all the smaller functions but just for the main event.

7. An Elaborate Cake

A lot of the guests usually miss the actual cutting of the cake. So instead of planning a super elaborate, four-tiered cake, you can get one that is just as pretty but maybe with a tier or two less. Or you can even skip the cake all together. You’ll definitely have a dessert counter, so no one will really mind.

8. Super Detailed Mehendi On Your Feet And Hands

8 wedding planning tips While there are some girls who absolutely love mehendi, there are others who don’t share the same feelings. If elaborate mehendi on your hands and feet isn’t really your thing, you don’t have to do it. You can pick a design that isn’t as detailed and you can choose how high you want to go on your arms. Instead of traditional designs, feel free to pick something unique or on-trend. Choose a minimal design for your feet or you can skip the feet all together, if you prefer. You’re the bride, you can do what you want!

9. Photo Booth

While a photo booth for your guests with cool props is fun, it’s something that we’ve all done and seen at countless shaadis. You don’t have to get one at your functions if you don’t want to.

10. A Diamond Engagement Ring

10 wedding planning tips If your style is unconventional, it’s not necessary for you to get a diamond ring. Antique designs and colourful stones can also be something you can look into - they are so unique. Just make sure your other half gets the memo, so he knows just what to get you.
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