13 *Different* Ways He Proves He’s ‘The One’ - Every Single Day!

13 *Different* Ways He Proves He’s ‘The One’ - Every Single Day!
If your brain and heart make it a point to scream ‘THIS GUY IS AMAZING’ at least once a day then you know you’ve found someone special. All we can tell you is that you’re probably right! Here are 13 ways your guy proves he is the one - Every. Single. Day!!

1. When he drops you a good morning text

Just because he knows that it will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day!

2. When he asks for your opinion on something important

It could be a decision about his life or some ongoing work issue - he wants to know what you think about it even if your ideas might not match all the time!

3. When he compliments the weirdest things about you

Like how cute your face looks when you scrunch it up while thinking… Who even notices that, right?! 3 ways your guy proves he is the one

4. When he openly talks about you to his friends

He has nothing to hide. He is just so happy to be with you, he’d brag about it to the whole world if he could!

5. When he wants to know all about your day…

...even when he is super tired himself! He doesn’t just want to know, though, he actually truly cares and listens to what you have to say.

6. When he keeps a track of your period days

So that he can understand why you’re having mood swings and send you a chocolate at work! 6 ways your guy proves he is the one

7. When he apologizes when he is wrong

He doesn’t have a huge ego stopping him from apologizing. If he feels he did something wrong, he will say sorry and mean it!

8. When he talks about his future with you in it

It’s not just how he wants to do this or how he wants to do that but also about how he wants to do things with you around!

9. When he tries to get along with all of your friends

Not only because you would like it but also because he genuinely wants to be part of your life and getting to know the people you love is only the first step!
9 ways your guy proves he is the one

10. When he calls you just because

He doesn’t need something amazing or bad to happen for him to call you. Somedays he just calls you because he saw a book that reminded him of you!

11. When he buys you little things he knows you’d love

Whether it’s that poster that is just so you or those earrings he knows you have been waiting to buy. He actually sees things, gets reminded of you and buys them for you with no expectation of getting something in return.

12. When he puts in serious effort in the foreplay

Sex for him is not just about his needs but equally about yours. So he does everything he can to make you feel as amazing as he feels when you touch him. 12 ways your guy proves he is the one

13. When he makes plans and sticks by them

He doesn’t bail on you (unless he absolutely has to!) which means meeting you is an important thing for him and he wouldn’t just give it up for some small little hindrance. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr