10 Oh-So-Adorable Ways To Surprise Him On The Wedding Day!

10 Oh-So-Adorable Ways To Surprise Him On The Wedding Day!
Finally, D-day is here! You’ve been waiting for this day since forever and cannot wait to get married to the man of your dreams. Surprise your future husband and show him how much you appreciate and love him by doing these cute and adorable things for him on your wedding day!

1. Peek-a-boo

Send him a mysterious picture of you after you’re dressed. Make sure it doesn’t show your full face or it has just a hint of your face. This way, he’ll not be able to contain his excitement to see you, his bride. The smile on his face when he actually does lay his eyes on you, will be priceless!
1 surprise your future husband

2. Surprise surprise!

Send him a surprise gift like a watch he’s wanted all this while or personalised cufflinks to wear to the wedding. Take help from his best friend or his brother for delivering this gift to your soon-to-be husband.

3. Dance your way into his heart

Prepare a surprise dance performance for him on his favourite songs on the wedding day. You can also include songs that you both consider ‘your’ songs. 3 surprise your future husband

4. Ringed for life

If wedding rings will be exchanged on the big day, you can add a twist to it. Get his wedding band engraved with either the date of the wedding or a message from you to him. He’ll love it when he sees it!

5. Secret note

Send a secret note to him just before you’re about to walk down the aisle. Be a little extra mushy and make him cry happy tears. After all, he’s going to be emotional too, considering it’s his wedding day as well! 5 surprise your future husband

6. Favourite breakfast

Let him know how much you care for him by getting his favourite breakfast delivered to him on the morning of the wedding. Chances are, he’ll be too busy to eat brekkie, so he’ll be very appreciative of this gesture.

7. His favourite singer

If possible, track down his favourite singer and have him perform at your wedding. Give him a list of all your husband’s favourite songs to sing. What better song to have your first dance on? 7 surprise your future husband

8. Paper Lanterns

After the ceremonies, both of you can light up a paper lantern together and release it into the sky. It’s said that the wish you write on the paper lantern reaches heaven. So wish for a happy and blessed married life with him. To make it more fun, get a few extra lanterns for family and friends and light up the sky. He will surely love this bit!

9.  A groom’s survival kit

Assemble a fun and cheeky groom’s survival kit for him. Include things like socks (for when he get’s cold feet), alcohol (to calm himself), mints (for when you both want to sneak a kiss) and protein bars (for the energy he’ll need all night *Wink*). He’ll have a good hearty laugh on that! 9 surprise your future husband

10. Private moment after the pheras

You’re surrounded by people all throughout the wedding. But it is your day, after all. Take a quiet moment after the pheras alone with him and tell him what you’re feeling in that moment! A tight hug and a long kiss will also be appreciated. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr