13 Ways To Make Him Feel Loved - Even When You’re Not Around!

13 Ways To Make Him Feel Loved - Even When You’re Not Around!
You and your boyfriend cannot always be around each other, right? Even if you are not in a long distance relationship you may not always be together physically. So, here are a few things you can do to make your guy feel loved even when you are not around.

1. A cutesy text message…

Simple but effective. A cute good morning, good night or middle-of-the-day text from you can really cheer him up. You can make it poetic or just a silly-billy message will also make him smile ear to ear. 1 make your guy feel loved

2. Or a handwritten letter if you like to go old school

Handwritten letters have a charm of their own. Write him a letter and pour your heart out it in. It can be emotional, funny and romantic all at the same time. He can keep the letter with him and read it again when he misses you. So romantic, no?

3. Pamper him with some fingerlicking food!

If possible, stock his freezer with his fave ice-cream and let him discover it in your absence. Stick a note saying… ‘There’s some joy for you inside the freezer.’ 3 make your guy feel loved

4. Send him a little surprise gift!

It doesn’t have to be something super expensive. Just something you know he will love. Send it to his office or his place. It will brighten up his day immediately!

5. Send him a photo with a cute lovey-dovey message scribbled at the back.

This one’s such a cute idea! Choose a photo… Either of yourself with a cute, goofy expression or a photo of the both of you that you love. Get it printed, write a short and sweet message behind it and send it to him. 5 make your guy feel loved

6. Get some beer delivered to his place!

The holy grail of making men happy! Beer makes everything better and you sure know how much that will cheer him up.

7. A kiss in the envelope

This one’s so simple but so adorbs! Take a plain paper, put on your red lipstick (or any other dark colour you love) and plant a dozen kisses on the paper. Fold it and send it to him or leave it somewhere he can find it, in your absence. You can label the envelope something like ‘A flying kiss’. 7 make your guy feel loved

8. Leave him little aww-worthy notes around the house!

If that’s possible then this would be the best idea ever! Scribble little notes and leave them around the house, for him to find. With every note his smile will get just a little bit bigger.

9. Send him some romantic and funny memes!

Memes make our lives so much more fun, don’t they?! Send him cute memes throughout the day… Some funny, some romantic. He will know you are thinking of him and that will make him feel so warm and fuzzy! 9 make your guy feel loved

10. Request a song for him over the radio.

This may sound a little old school but it is such a romantic thing to do. Request a song for him over the radio… It can be ‘your’ song or a song that has meaningful lyrics. Make sure he is tuned in though!

11. Something that feels ‘you’.

Leave him your stole, a shirt or your lucky charm, maybe? Anything that feels ‘you’ will do. It will really help him smile on the days he is feeling low and missing you a bit too much. 11 make your guy feel loved

12. A cute social media post… Just for him!

It can be a photo or a status or a snapchat! Anything sweet and adorable. Let him know you love him a lot even though you’re not around.

13. Some video chat time!

The blessing of technology! Put it to good use and spend some romantic (and maybe naughty?) time with your boyfriend.
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