11 Easy Ways To Tell If You Are *More* Than Just His BFF!

11 Easy Ways To Tell If You Are *More* Than Just His BFF!
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai has been an inspiration for all of us since ages and it has taught us one simple (yet amazing) thing - Pyaar dosti hai’. Sometimes the most amazing relationships blossom out of solid friendships and why not? When you two are amazing together, get along like buds and have the most amazing chemistry together, you know it’s a start of something awesome. But how do you know if your best friend is really the ‘one’? Here are 11 ways to know that he wants to be more than just friends!

1. Talking to each other every day is a ritual

See, friends like to keep a track of what their best friends are doing but if he calls you a little more than that just to know how your day is going then it’s probably a little more than just a ‘friendly concern’. 1 more than just friends

2. He doesn’t refer to you as just his friend

He treats you like family. To him, you are not just a friend but a special someone. You two are close and have a strong bond so, why not?

3. He looks you in the eye while talking

Usually, friends don’t care about the way they talk because it’s just a normal conversation, right? But he looks you in the eye and smiles while he is talking to you, so you know that he’s there!

4. Texts you a lot using a lot of emojis

If he texts you a lot and uses those cutesy smileys and emojis, you know he wants you to be a little more than just a friend. If he texts you almost all the time to share the tiny details of his life, you know he’s special. 4 more than just friends

5. Sends you goofy selfies

We all love selfies, don’t we? If he keeps sending you those goody snapchats all day long, you know the cutie is yours to keep. Okay? Okay!

6. You know all his strengths and weaknesses

People only talk about their weaknesses to those they’re super close with. Girls, know that it takes a lot of courage and trust to talk about things that make him vulnerable. If he does, you should know that you’re super special to him.

7. He notices every tiny detail about you

A guy only notices tiny details about a girl if he is interested in her. If he notices your new haircut or if you’ve shaped your eyebrows then he sure is noticing you a little more than the others. 7 more than just friends

8. He is protective of you

When guys get jealous, it’s really cute. Isn’t it? If your best friend tells you to be aware of a guy or simply to take care of certain things in life then he is super protective of you. Ladies, it’s a sign!

9. You are the one who calms him down when he is angry…

If he gets angry and switches off from the world but still has some tiny space to let you in, know that it’s just for you. And if you have the power to calm him down, well girl, what are you waiting for really?

10. He makes jokes (or not) about dating you

Have you ever had those moments when you have talked about getting married to each other if you find no one else by the time you are a certain age? Well, these are just silly excuses or subtle hints. Admit it!
10 more than just friends

11. He likes it when he is close to you... Physically

A gentle pat on the shoulder, putting his arm around you and hugging you… If he does these cute things often then you know he probably likes you more than you think. He probably doesn’t do that with anyone else. GIFs: Giphy