10 Ways *He* Wants You To Be A ‘Bad Girl’ In Bed!

10 Ways *He* Wants You To Be A ‘Bad Girl’ In Bed!
You might be an angel to him but once the bedroom doors close it’s time to unleash the kinky side of you. No point being the good girl when you can be the bad girl in bed and get so much more out of it. Here are 10 things he wants from you when he wants kinky sex!

1. He wants you to be just a tad bit selfish

Not completely selfish but just enough for you to touch yourself, make him touch you in places that you like. He doesn’t always want you to be focussed on pleasing him but also on pleasing yourself. After all, it’s only when you please yourself that you can really please him!
1 bad girl in bed

2. He wants you to be a tease

He wants you to give him what he wants and then quickly take it away. A little peek-a-boo is what keeps him going. So make sure he gets enough of that!

3. He wants you to try new things

It’s spicy when it’s new, right? Has he got a fantasy he told you about or would you like to try something new in bed? Don’t think twice about it, go ahead and give it a shot! 3 bad girl in bed

4. He wants you to initiate

There is nothing sexier than a woman who can initiate sex. And trust us, he wants that. Take the reigns in your hands and get him high and hot!

5. But also let him take control

However, make sure you keep the passing the baton to him in between. It’s tiring to be in control all the time but if both of you can take turns to be in control, there is nothing better! 5 bad girl in bed

6. He wants things to get rough

He wants the biting and the nibbling even when it gets a little rough sometimes. The key to passionate sex is, well, passion itself. Make sure you have tonnes of it!

7. And he definitely wants some dirty talk

It’s not easy to be a pro at dirty talking, we know. But, hey, it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot, right? Here are some tips to keep in mind when you get down to it. Believe us, he can’t wait to hear your pretty mouth say those dirty words.
7 bad girl in bed

8. He wants you to get handsy

Don’t just let your hands lie by your side. Use them. Touch him, explore his body with your fingers - there is nothing better than feeling your loved one’s hands wrapped around your body.

9. He wants you to moan and groan

Sexy noises are a HUGE turn on for men. This way you show him that you are quite enjoying what’s happening and that’s enough and more encouragement, isn’t it? 9 bad girl in bed

10. He wants the passion in you

Inside the bedroom doors, he wants to know that you want him. And you want him bad! The urgency is what he is looking for and that is exactly what you need to give. Pull him closer, talk to him, let him know what being with him in this moment means to you. For a while, at least, let him be the centre of your universe. Images: Shutterstock, Giphy