10 Ways For EVERY Indian Girl To Get Summer-Ready!

10 Ways For EVERY Indian Girl To Get Summer-Ready!
With the temperatures soaring, we girls are finally beginning to wrap our heads around the fact that summer is indeed upon us and is going to be around for quite some time. But sweltering weather shouldn’t be a cause of worry, here are 10 ways every Indian girl needs to gear up for summer!

1. Start with your wardrobe

Time to bring out the summer dresses, ladies. Also remember to stock up on lighter and more comfortable fabrics like cotton and avoid darker colours as they absorb heat, only to make you feel hotter. 1 summer ready

2.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

The golden rule to make summer bearable is to have plenty of fluids - water, fruit juices, smoothies etc. As we tend to sweat considerably in the summer, having ample amount of fluids help us retain the 70 percent water composition in our bodies.

3. Get the right shoes

Summer can be one of the worst times to get stuck with a horrid shoe burn. So, it’s best to keep the heels aside for a while and revel in the glory of comfy flats. We’d recommend the new, funky collection of flip flops, Masala by Pata Pata from Bata - especially perfect for complementing your laidback Indo-western day look.

4. Exercise with care

If you don’t want to sweat it out in the gym during summer, try and book yourself on a swimming class instead. 4 summer ready

5. Don’t forget the sunscreen

In peak summer, the sun’s UV rays are absolutely detrimental for your skin. So make sure to buy a sunscreen suited for your skin type which has the required SPF to get you through the season.

6. Vacay it out

Yes, ladies, summer is the perfect reason to seek a much-needed respite in the mountains or the beach where you can sip on your coolers and simply relax.

7. Get ’em cool accessories

If you want to buy a brand new pair of sunglasses, a bright bandana or a swimsuit, now is the great time to splurge and actually make good use of these cool summer accessories! 7 summer ready

8. Makeup haul

The bright blue summer skies are here to nudge you to colour your lashes green, blue and pink, to maybe sport an orange lipstick and still look damn fine.

9. Take care of your diet

A well-balanced diet is very important during summer as it reduces signs of fatigue or weakness. So stock up on the good stuff like avocado, cucumber and tomatoes, also plenty of fruits and veggies which will provide your body with the vitamins and fibres to get through the season and also keep it cool.

10. Have fun… indoors!

As much as you love to spend time in open spaces, it is not a great idea to plan outdoor activities during afternoons. So look out for events or things you can participate in which wouldn’t entail you to be out in the sun for a long duration. Even if you love going for your jogs, go early morning or in the evening, so that you don’t wear yourself out. 10 summer ready *This post is in partnership with Bata. Images: Giphy, TumblrShutterstock