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15 ‘Relationship Statuses’ We Really Think Facebook Needs!

15 ‘Relationship Statuses’ We Really Think Facebook Needs!

Facebook is an imperative part of our lives now and we can’t even imagine a day without it. We love how there are so many emotions to express how we feel about a picture and would love to see these (and many more) options to express the kind of relationship we’re in too. With so many complicated things happening in our lives, we definitely need more options for relationship statuses apart from the other currently available ones. Dear Mark, if you’re listening, please take note of these relationship statuses Facebook needs?

1. ‘Single and definitely ready to mingle’

Yeah, because that’s the best thing in the world! 1 relationship statuses facebook needs

2. ‘On the rebound’

You know, just FYI!

3. ‘Wait, WTF is going on?’

For all those times when we have absolutely no clue where our semi-relationship thingy is going!

4. ‘In a love triangle’

Oh, well. *Shrug*

5. ‘Swinging and flinging’

Not ready to settle just yet. 5 relationship statuses facebook needs

6. ‘Currently stalking an ex’

And that’s how our relationship status ultimately changes to ‘It’s complicated’!

7. ‘In a relationship with Ryan Gosling’

Just to let the world know how awesomely happy we are!

8. ‘Addicted to fries’

Because fries before guys, any day!

9. ‘In a relationship with my bestie’

Ain’t nobody loves us like they do!

10. ‘Engaged and freaking out’

Because we need a status to express the OMG situation in our heads after getting engaged! 9 relationship statuses facebook needs

11. ‘Married and still coping’

Mother of God, it’s true because it takes time to sink in!

12. ‘In an imaginary relationship’

For the times when we imagine ourselves being with the guy of our dreams. Of course, it’s all in our heads!

13. ‘Currently dating myself’

Well, since there isn't anyone who can match up to the level of our awesomeness… Just yet.

14. ‘Swiping right and how’

Tinder game very strong.

15. ‘Forever alone’

It’d be great if we could also have a meme face emoji to go along with this! 13 relationship statuses facebook needs GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Apr 19, 2017
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