10 Types Of Boyfriends In The World… Which One Is Yours?!

10 Types Of Boyfriends In The World… Which One Is Yours?!
There are many different types of boyfriends in this world! You might never have considered your boyfriend to fall under any particular type because, you know, love is blind! Although we can’t possibly cover all the types, we have listed out 10 of them. Check them out and see which category your boyfriend falls into… Or how many categories your boyfriend falls into!

1. The goofy one

He is the one who always, always makes you laugh and that is exactly the reason you love him. He cracks silly jokes, laughs during serious arguments and is often the one you have to stay wary of in the month of April! 1 types of boyfriends

2. The practical one

This one always needs a logical reason for everything. He doesn’t let emotions cloud his decisions. So if it’s hot outside, his logical brain would rather stay in and do Netflix and chill. Also, all your fights inevitably end with ‘But, babe, this really makes no sense.’

3. The slightly possessive one

He wonders why your guy bestie is texting you in the middle of the night or why he knows about that fight the two of you had. Not that he is crazy and psychotic when it comes to your friends but he is always just a tad bit jealous when you are spending the weekend with your friends instead of him. 3 types of boyfriends

4. The talkative one

This is the one who always has something to talk about. Enjoying the silence is not something he understands and would rather describe the awkwardness of the silence in words rather than just simply sit and hold your hand.

5. The ‘always up for it’ one

Then there is the handsy type who’s up to down and dirty all the time. If you’d agree, he would be undressing you by now! Good thing is, he’s always there when you’re in the mood!
5 types of boyfriends

6. The attention loving one

Who says only women are want all the attention? There are boyfriends who need to be constantly shown that they are loved! Nothing wrong with it, but when he sends you a mushy text 50th time in the day when you’re out with your girls, it gets a tad bit OTT.

7. The mushy one

He is the one we all love who’s got romance on the tips of his fingers. He will stand outside your house with placards, call you when you need him to and even visit you with soup when you’re sick! You might just feel like the unromantic one between the two of you! 7 types of boyfriends

8. The chilled out one

This type can also be referred to as the lazy ones. Not that they don’t love you but hey, who wants to get up and put in effort when you can be chilling instead? Sounds kind of drab but the good thing is, on days when you don’t have it in you to be up and about, he is totally chill.

9. The geeky one

He talks about his video game characters and his fantasy football team and it is cute AF! He is the reason you know exactly how to play ‘Clash of Clans’ like a pro!
9 types of boyfriends

10. The ‘never available on texts’ one

He is the kind who is just never around on texts, you could call him and meet him but when it comes to texting, he is always MIA. He claims he is not that into technology, but we all know that the unanswered texts hurt quite a bit! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr