10 ‘Tokens Of Love’ That Mean Much More Than An Expensive Gift!

10 ‘Tokens Of Love’ That Mean Much More Than An Expensive Gift!
Sure, we do live in a capitalistic world, but even just then the idea of love, changes us in some fundamental ways. All of a sudden, we find ourselves constantly putting someone else’s needs before ours and just spoil them with whatever luxuries our bank balance can afford. However, there are some tokens of love that mean so much more than an expensive gift. Here are a few...

1. Love Letters

A handwritten letter about how much your partner means to you is certainly for keepsakes. It will give you the opportunity to elaborate at length about your feelings for them and it’ll most definitely make the other person feel super special! 1 Tokens of Love

2. Meaningful Tattoos

Yes, tattoos are mostly permanent and no one knows what the future holds et all, but if you know that he is the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with - go ahead and get a tattoo with him. It will not just be a great bonding exercise but it’ll be your own little secret - one of the things you'll share forever.

3. Adopting a pet

If you both share a mutual love for four-legged furry creatures, adopt a pup or a kitten from a nearby shelter and usher in a new special phase of your life as pet parents! There's no better experience than this.

4. Making a five-year plan

If you are in a serious relationship and love making lists, this would so be your thing. Sit down with your partner and discuss - where do you want to see yourself in five years, on the professional and personal front. It would resolve a lot of your doubts and provide clarity about achieving a lot of your mutual aspirations and goals. 4 Tokens of Love

5. Visiting your favourite places...together

It need not be a fancy vacation. That riverside restaurant where you had your first date, the coffee shop overlooking the city that you love going to - finding the time to visit places where you guys have made memories together… This will definitely mean much more than an expensive gift.

6. A simple home cooked meal

If your partner has been having a rough time at work, surprise them with a sumptuous home-cooked meal of their favourite dishes… A simple hearty platter will definitely take their mind off things that have been bothering them through the day.

7. Customised lapel pin

If your guy loves accessories with his formal wear, gift him a set of customized lapel pins, of his favourite superhero, or of a moustache if he is currently rocking one, cool shades for the summer, etc. 7 Tokens of Love

8. Get Creative

If you like to innovate and create something from the scratch, write him a poem and make it into a song, gift him a painting or knit him a jumper - something which will always remind him of you, and only you!  

9. Swap Books

Bibliophiles, this one is for you. If you want to get outside your comfort zone when it comes to books, swap them with your bae. You might be pleasantly surprised by how much you enjoy non-fiction and find him really engrossed with your classics!

10. Get him pampered

A much-needed respite from everyday life… Book him an appointment at a neighbouring spa, an opportunity to truly relax and rejuvenate. This is to show how much you value his hard work and dedication to his work and personal life.  
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