Dear Bride-To-Be, 15 Tips To Make Your Wedding Night SO Special!

Dear Bride-To-Be, 15 Tips To Make Your Wedding Night SO Special!
The wedding is finally over and it is time for you to spend your first night as man and wife. You only get one wedding night in your life and you want to make sure it is amazingly special for the two of you. Here are 15 tips for the wedding night to make it unforgettable!

1. Surprise, Baby!

Decide in advance to give each other a gift on your wedding night. Make it extra special by giving each other something they’ve wanted for a long time and will always cherish. Or go the other direction and take them by surprise without telling them.

2. Talk A Lot!

If you’re too tired to get down to action, talk to each other. Discuss everything under the sun, about the wedding, about life or about whatever you want. Start your marriage by getting closer to each other emotionally.

3. Avoid Packed Schedules

It’s a given that you’ll be completely exhausted from the wedding celebrations. Make sure that you don’t have a packed schedule for the next morning otherwise your only priority on the wedding night will be sleeping. 3 tips to make your wedding night unforgettable

4. Slow And Steady

Don’t try to rush through anything, especially not sex. There is no obligation to have sex on your wedding night. Indulge in some light making out and then fall asleep if you want. Your wedding night is likely to be among your most romantic and intimate sexual experiences.

5. Get To Know Each Other’s Preferences

If you haven’t had this talk already, now is the time! Talk about what each of you likes in bed and what you’re comfortable experimenting with. If both of you have limited experiences, then try talking about where you’d like to start!

6. Low Expectations Is The Key

If this is your first time having sex, make sure you don’t have unrealistic expectations. It may hurt, you’re going to be awkward and there is a high chance you won’t orgasm. But that’s absolutely okay because it’s still going to be the one of the most memorable experiences for you. 6 tips to make your wedding night unforgettable

7. Flirt During The Wedding

While you maybe too busy greeting guests, don’t forget to flirt with each other during the wedding. Remember to steal a few kisses, hold hands or just meet each other’s gaze! This is going to build your anticipation and excitement for what’s going to come next.

8. Set The Mood

Light some candles, play romantic music and do whatever it is that gets you in the mood. Feel free to kick your family and friends out of the room. It is, after all, YOUR wedding night and they will understand this.

9. Baths And Massages

You’re both going to be so exhausted, you’ll be dying for a massage. So draw a warm water bath for the two of you and relax in each other’s company or just give each other whole body massages. It will help you be naked together with something to do–other than just have sex! 9 tips to make your wedding night unforgettable

10. Whip Out The Lingerie

Slip into something sexier and surprise your man! You can never go wrong with soft, silky lingerie and he’ll love this bolder version of you.

11. Feed Each Other

It is a great way to get intimate before you actually get intimate. Put out aphrodisiacs like strawberries, chocolate truffles or banana bites. Just make sure the food is easy to eat or you’re going to have a mess on your hands!

12. Undress Each Other

Slowly, take off each other’s clothes and enjoy the thrill of wanting more. You’ll want to rush through the process, but try not to!
12 tips to make your wedding night unforgettable

13. Threshold Duties

Let him sweep you off your feet and carry you over the threshold in true fairytale style. This tradition, which is supposed to bring good luck to the couple, is super fun for both the partners!

14. Naughty Vows

You’ve just made the most intense promises of your life to this man! Time to make some fun ones as well. Make naughty promises that you want to and have fun fulfilling them for the rest of your life!

15. RELAX!

This happens to be the most important thing to remember. Just take a deep breath in and relax. You are now in the company of the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. Being conscious or nervous is not going to help either of you! 15 tips to make your wedding night unforgettable GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr