10 Things Your Hubby Wants You To Do While Kissing Him! *Wink*

10 Things Your Hubby Wants You To Do While Kissing Him! *Wink*
Kissing, if done right, can sometimes be even more intense than love making. With one kiss, you can express to your partner exactly how you feel. And while kissing in itself can be very intense, what you do to your hubby dearest as you kiss him, makes it all the better! Here are a few fun things your husband wants you to do while kissing him… These 10 tips to kiss your husband will add to the passion in the bedroom manifold, and keep things so steamy between the two of you!

1. Use Your Hands

Move your hands a little bit, ladies! Run your fingers through his hair (guys LOVE that!) or down his chest and back. The shivers that will run through his body with this one slight touch of yours is just what we’re talking about.

2. Change Positions

Don’t let him be on top all the time. He will get bored and tired of it. When you start kissing, push him down and climb on top of him. Take the lead sometimes, he’s totally going to dig that! 2 tips to kiss your husband

3. Suck It And See!

Suck his lower lip just a little bit and then let it go! If he slips his tongue in your mouth, suck that too! But then again, be gentle, you don’t want him to have swollen lips.

4. The Golden Trio

Begin with his lips, then move to the ears and nibble his earlobe, then move to his neck and then back to his lips. This trio can drive a man crazy. Also, hickeys, ‘nuff said!

5. Need For Speed

Keep switching things up, speed wise. Start with some slow, soft kissing, and then increase the speed and intensity gradually. This type of kissing will definitely drive him crazy!.

6. Nibble

Nibble his lips softly, girls! But be careful to do it very lightly, of course, as lips are very sensitive. Graze your teeth along his lips lightly and feel him smile against your lips. Best feeling ever! 6 tips to kiss your husband

7. Tongue Tricks

Unless either of you is extremely averse to the idea, using your tongue during kissing can actually take it to the next level! But be careful, there is a very thin line between the right amount of tongue and slobbering!

8. Eye contact

Eye contact is all about passion. Hold his face and make eye contact. Then slowly move your eyes to his lips and back again. He’ll understand what you want without you having to utter a word.

9. Tease Him

Give him little pecks all over his face, everywhere except the lips. His excitement will slowly grow and he’ll want to capture your lips with his but don’t let him do it just yet!

10. Surprise Me, Please

Sometimes, your man wants to be surprised too! Kiss him hard in the middle of a fight or when you’re out somewhere and then pull away. He’ll be left wanting for more. 10 tips to kiss your husband GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr