Bridal Hairstyles: Everything you need to know about it!

Bridal Hairstyles: Everything you need to know about it!
Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. And every girl wants to look like a dream when she finally takes that walk towards her happily ever after. While you’ve spent months and tons of money on the wedding lehenga, wedding hairstyles and makeup too should be on point. For makeup, we’d totally suggest you to get a trial well in advance, and as for the hair, you’ve got to be sure to choose what suits you best. Here are 10 helpful tips to keep in mind while finalizing your bridal hairstyles.

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1. Get your priorities right

The first step to choosing bridal hairstyles is to know what type of hairdo you really want. Earlier, most brides stuck to wedding hairstyles with juda, and nowaday, we’ve spotted many brides opting for braids and loose curls too. So, brides-to-be, decide whether you want to stick to the basics or try something totally out there. It’ll just help you narrow down your choices.

2. Are you wearing a passa or a mathapatti?

This is one very important point to consider. You must make sure that your hair accessory goes well with your bridal hairstyles. A mathapatti may not look great with open hair, and a passa looks fab with a side-swept hairdo. Also, if you want to go for a juda with tons of bounce and volume in the front, a mathapatti won’t look great with it.   2 bridal hairstyle

3.  Hairstyle for wedding requires keeping the weather in mind

Bridal hairstyles, just like your clothes should be weather appropriate. If it’s a summer wedding, it’d probably be a good idea to keep hair off your face and shoulders. For a winter evening, you could totally opt for something more elaborate. Also, for a day wedding, a relaxed hairdo will always work better than one with drama.

4. What’s your face shape?

If you have a slightly long face, you may want to avoid top knots or a lot of volume so as not to elongate the face further. A round face demands volume and bounce around the crown and flat bridal hairstyles are best avoided. And if you have a squarish face, curls and waves is just what you need to frame your face well. Do remember to speak to your hairstylist about this. 4 bridal hairstyle

5. It NEEDS to compliment your lehenga

Just like you’re more likely to opt for loose curls rather than a braid with your little black dress, you need to make sure that your lehenga and bridal hairstyles match too. A tight bun with a traditional red lehenga and a messy one with your lightweight pastel lehenga. Plan your look - royal, traditional, relaxed, edgy and then plan on the outfit, hair, makeup, jewellery, etc.  

6. Keep comfort in mind

You may want to try something very elaborate, but lady, we’re talking about a good 5 hours in that hairdo. Plus the heavy dupatta that goes with it. Don’t opt for something that just looks good, without giving comfort a thought. If you’re not comfortable, it’ll clearly show in the pictures. We’d totally suggest you to steer clear of anything that feels too heavy or tight on your head when it comes to bridal hairstyles. 6 bridal hairstyle

7. Flaunt that jewellery!

Wearing your grandma's vintage necklace and want that to be the center of attention? Opt for luscious loose curls that frame your neck and shoulders and draw more attention towards your neckpiece. If you want your earrings to take centerstage, a juda will be a better choice.  

8. Do you really want all that hair spray?

It’s no secret that bridal hairstyles are lathered with all kinds of hair products and sprays. In case you do not want to harm your hair with all that product, go in for something simpler. After all, you need your hair to be looking fab after the wedding too! 8 bridal hairstyle

9. Will you need a change of hairstyle?

Would you be changing into a different outfit for the pheras? Or if you’re having a reception right after the wedding, you may want to give your hairdo a quick change. A complicated juda with more than a dozen pins will not be your best friend in such cases. Make sure that you factor all this in when planning bridal hairstyles for the big day.

10. Pick what you love!

Lastly and most obviously, pick bridal hairstyles that you love. Not something that’s in trend or you spotted on a celeb. Go in for a hairdo that makes you feel beautiful and confident and makes you look just like the bride you always wanted to be. And don’t forget to put on that nice, big smile because that is what makes all the difference! 10 bridal hairstyle