10 Times You Miss Your Brother SOOO Much After Your Wedding!

10 Times You Miss Your Brother SOOO Much After Your Wedding!
He might say that he’s glad you’re getting married and moving away, leaving the room and the car and the house all to him – but he’s gonna miss you more than you can imagine. That’s just how all brothers function. Here are 10 times after the wedding when you’ll miss your brother being around and realize just how much you love him too!

1. When you’re ordering food from your fav Chinese place.

You’ll realize ordering without fighting over the menu just isn’t as much fun. Plus with your brother around, you could always order everything and leave him to finish it all off. 1 miss your brother

2. When you’re watching a web series or a movie that both of you love!

You could watch Friends on repeat with him, and still laugh at all those jokes you’ve already laughed at a hundred times. Only now do you realize that it was his stupid laugh that made you laugh harder.

3. When you see other siblings fight like crazy.

And you remember how you would dig your nails into him and he would pull your hair and both of you would end up complaining to your mother. Looking at someone else do that, makes you want to go back and live with your brother, all over again. 3 miss your brother

4. When your phone or laptop breaks down!

And you think back to all the times when he fixed it in no time. How easy it was to have your own personal IT help at home, right?

5. When you’re playing some game and remember how he taught you most of them.

He always knew the coolest games and sometimes spent all day teaching them to you, only so that you could go and flaunt it in front of your friends. How sweet was that?
5 miss your brother

6. When you need someone to drive you around.

You could always demand free pickup and drop facility of your brother and he would oblige without even asking a single question. Now you miss being able to depend on him that way…

7. When you simply miss lazing around and doing nothing with him.

Your brother matched your level of lazy and together you two spent many a days just chilling. How you wish you could rewind life back to those simpler times. 7 miss your brother

8. When you’re making Maggi and chai and remember how he always demanded his half…

…Or simply hogged on the whole. Maggi doesn’t taste as good now. Was it all about his company? Really?

9. When your makeup is on fleek, but your brother would have told you that you like an ogre.

You miss him teasing you and laughing at you. How can you miss someone so annoying? Back then you only wanted to kick him! 9 miss your brother

10. When you’re upset and you know his silly jokes could have cracked you right up!

His goofy smile, stupid face and honest opinion can cure all your troubles. You miss having him around and being there for you. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr