10 Times It’s OKAY To Not Tell Your Boyfriend The Entire Truth!

10 Times It’s OKAY To Not Tell Your Boyfriend The Entire Truth!
We’ve all heard honesty is the best policy, right? But telling the complete truth in relationships may not always be the wisest move. Of course, we are not advocating you lie in your relationship, but keeping parts of the truth hidden until the moment calls for it. Here are 10 times it is okay to lie to your boyfriend… Just a teeny tiny bit!

1. When you indulge in some healthy flirting

Yeah, we all want to be faithful to our lovers but here’s the thing - healthy flirting really does not classify as being disloyal. However, telling your partner too much about it can make him unnecessarily insecure. So, avoid it because it comes and goes for you but it might stay in his memory for a long time!

2. When you are really not into the sex… At least for the night

Take the subtle route of telling him you’re tired and would love to give it a try the next night. If this is a constant problem in your sex life, however, you might want to re-think how you are doing things. 2 times it is ok to lie

3. When you think his friends are a little annoying

If they are his close friends, he would want you guys to get along and really wouldn’t understand why you don’t like them. This will just end up in you not attending most of their friendly get-togethers. So, the right way to go about things is to leave early when you meet them instead of telling him that you don’t particularly like them!

4. When your BFF tells you something personal

You don’t need to tell your boyfriend every piece of gossip you get. Your friends have confided in you with trust and you need to keep that, girls! If your boyfriend insists, tell him the important bits but never the whole story!
4 times it is okay to lie

5. When you don’t like the gift he bought for you

Hey, it’s the emotion and effort that counts after all, right?

6. When you think about your ex sometimes

We all do, okay? But, obviously, saying it out loud will make things tough for both of you. So even if you stalk your ex once in awhile, your boyfriend doesn’t need to know the details! 6 times it is okay to lie

7. When you don’t like his fav ‘gal pal’

Even if you don’t trust her, you have to trust him, right? Don’t go around slamming his female friend  just because you don’t like her. It will often be mistaken for pettiness and jealousy.

8. When you have some money stored up just for shopping

That’s your secret stash and nobody - we repeat, nobody - needs to know this dirty little secret. You don’t want another lecture on how you need to save up money, right? 8 times it is okay to lie

9. When you think his friend is super good looking!

It might just make him feel jealous even when all you are doing is admiring his friend and end up affecting his friendship. You definitely don’t want that to happen, right?

10. When there is a family issue you’d rather not talk about

Family issues are personal and you may not want to share them even with your boyfriend... And that’s completely fine. Somethings you just have to handle on your own and still come out alive!
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