10 Times In Life Every Girl Needs Her Bestie & No. One. Else!!

10 Times In Life Every Girl Needs Her Bestie & No. One. Else!!
We have all been stuck in some deep muck, one time or another and the only person we have wanted to come to our rescue at those times is our bestie. There is no one else in the world we’d share our embarrassments with, other than our bestie who totally gets us. Here are 10 times in your life when you only need your best friend and no one else!

1. During heartbreaks

‘Does love ever get easy? Are movies tricking me into believing that somewhere out there, there’s a special someone for me, when there is not a single decent person in sight? Why does this always happen to me?’ No matter how existential your question, your best friend will always be there after your breakup, keeping you from drowning in self-pity. She’ll remind you time and again that it was not your fault.

2. That time of the month

Try explaining to your partner that your cramps feel like someone is punching you in your ovaries. He won’t get it - the mood swings, the food cravings, your lack of enthusiasm for just about anything. But you know who will? Your best friend - because she goes through the same damn thing... Sometimes you guys even sync up!

3. Fashion advice

Be it a work interview you really want to ace, a first date, meeting his parents - there’s no one else whose opinion you’d trust when it comes to dressing appropriately. 3 need your best friend

4. Yoga class

If you are one of those people who can’t exercise without company, your best friend is always ready to help you make positive changes in your life. She doesn’t scoff at your poor upper body strength, your incorrect postures but encourages you to keep working towards getting healthier.

5. Proofreading stuff

An academic essay, an important work email, even your resignation letter - you want your bestie to go through all of it, just in case you are coming across a bit too strongly or there is a typo you have missed out on.  

6. Shopping spree

You don’t need an excuse to shop, neither does your bestie. And you’d want her to be there to objectively comment, if a colour looks good on you and if you should really buy another little black dress. 6 need your best friend

7. Treat yo’self

Your monthly trip to the salon - yeah, you’d want your bestie to come along for that one so that you can relax and bond while getting your hair coloured and your nails done.

8. On your wedding day

Nerves are running amuck, your dress is too heavy, your makeup is a bit on the nose and you are overwhelmed by how your life is going to change forever. All you want is for her to hug you and tell you that everything will be okay. And then suddenly, it is.

9. The bad days  

When your self-esteem is at an all time low and you are burdened with this nagging worry that maybe, just maybe, you are not good enough. Trust your bestie to pick you up and negate all your baseless worries. She’ll let you know that you are not just good, you are the effin’ best!
9 need your best friend

10. When you need some real talk

No one else will cut through the bullshit and tell you that you have messed things up. Your bestie will not beat around the bush. If you have treated someone unfairly or done something wrong, she’ll point it out to you, even if nobody else does. GIFs: Giphy