17 Thoughts I Had When He Went ‘Down’ On Me For The First Time! | POPxo

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17 Thoughts I Had When He Went ‘Down’ On Me For The First Time!

17 Thoughts I Had When He Went ‘Down’ On Me For The First Time!

Oral sex can be the most exhilarating or daunting part of sex depending on your views about it. It is also something we all look forward to, considering the amazing things we’ve heard about it from all our friends! My emotions ranged from worried to self-conscious to complete and utter bliss when he went down on me for the first time. Here are the thoughts I had when he went down on me for the first time ever! (I’m sure most of you will relate to this!)
1. ‘Yayy! We’re finally doing this. I’ve been waiting for this all along!’ 2. ‘He can see all of me! I feel so vulnerable! I just want to cover myself up.’ 3. ‘Does he need a map? Should I guide him?’ 3 went down on me 4. ‘Did I shave properly? I knew I couldn’t do it! Bikini wax it is, the next time!’ 5. ‘I must not look flattering from this angle. Look at all the tummy rolls!’ 6. *Distracted* ‘Relax, Relax, Relax! Stop it brain, think sexy thoughts RIGHT NOW!’ 6 went down on me 7. ‘Am I suffocating him with my thighs? God, I need to lose weight!’ 8. ‘Should I look at him and make eye contact or will it be creepy?’ 9. ‘Why am I taking so long to climax? Is it normal? Can I even orgasm?’ 9 went down on me 10. ‘To the left, to the left, just a little bit to the left, honey!’
11. ‘He’s too close to my bum. Am I comfortable with that? Um, I think no!’ 12. ‘I wonder if it’ll be better if I tilt my hips a little. Oh yeah baby, good move!’ 12 went down on me 13. ‘This is amazing, this is the best thing ever, never let it end! OH GOD YESSS!!’ 14. ‘He must be really tired by now! Isn’t he just the best?’ *Blissed out* 15. ‘Erm… Will I have to return the favour, now?’ 15 went down on me 16. ‘Wait, how did he get so good at this? Where did he learn it from?’ *Suspicious eyebrow raise* 17. ‘Oh who cares? This was the most incredible and intimate thing we’ve ever done!’ *Cuddles with boyfriend* GIFs: Giphy
Published on Apr 12, 2017
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