20 Thoughts *Every* Vagina Has… During A Bikini Wax!!

Krithika Madhavan

Features Writer

From ah-mazing orgasms to painful bikini waxes, our vaginas go through a lot. As fragile as they may seem at times, those babies can actually take poundings! If you know what we mean. Have you ever wondered what they think when you’re trying to get all smooth and clean down there? No. You only think about yourself. Here are 20 funny thoughts every vagina has during those hair removal sessions!

1. ‘Okay, here we are again.’

1 thoughts every vagina has

2. ‘Do we really have to do this?’

3. ‘OMG, here I am… Completely naked in front of a stranger, AGAIN!’

4. ‘*When the parlour lady pulls the first strip* OMFG! I can never ever get used to this!’

5. ‘What exactly is the parlour aunty looking at so intently? Does she want to find her way to Narnia down here?’

5 thoughts every vagina has

6. ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this for *him*!’

7. ‘Would he do this for YOU?’

8. ‘Okay, take a deep breath… It won’t hurt as much as the first time.’

9. ‘It’s going to be over in 10 seconds, hold on tight!’

9 thoughts every vagina has

10. ‘Damn this sticky hot wax!’

11. ‘Nevermind… It’s going to be oh-so-smooth after.’

12. ‘Okay there goes aunty’s hand on the clit’ - what is she trying to do?’

13. ‘She's gonna pull it. She's gonna pull it. She's gonna pull it!!!’

13 thoughts every vagina has

14. Whatt? This was just one side? HELL NO!’

15. ‘Is that boy even worth this thing, woman?’

16. ‘OH GOD! I want to just run away! This is a nightmare!’

17. ‘Here comes another one. I think I can handle this now!’

17 thoughts every vagina has


19. ‘I don’t know why you have to do this every two months!’

20. ‘Phew! All clean, I can finally breathe for good two months until the devil returns to hell!’

GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Apr 11, 2017
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