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15 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has Before Her *First* Rishta Meeting!

15 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has Before Her *First* Rishta Meeting!

Imagine being interviewed for marriage by a couple of strangers. Awkward, right? Well, that’s how most rishta meetings work. No wonder then, every girl feels nervous and perplexed right before they begin. Here are 15 thoughts that race through a girl’s mind before her first formal rishta meeting. 1. ‘Wow. Am I really getting dressed for a rishta meeting?’ 1 rishta meeting 2. ‘But this is so awkward. It’s like dad has an arranged a date for me, and he’s coming along to supervise it!’ 3. ‘Where again is that list of questions Misha sent me to ask of the boy? I gotta revise them.’ 3 rishta meeting 4. ‘Look at mum preparing for the boys’ side to arrive. You would think her son-in-law was coming over! *Rolls eyes*’ 5. ‘What if they don’t like me?’ 5 rishta meeting 6. ‘Or worse, what if they do like me? Oh my God, I can’t get married, I’m only a little girl.’ 7. ‘Am I supposed to stay quiet and look down, like they teach us girls to behave in movies? Really?’ 7 rishta meeting 8. ‘Any questions about my ‘cooking and cleaning skills’ will seriously damage the family’s chance of marrying their son to me.’ 9. ‘I feel like kicking my brother. He’s been laughing at me all day. What an idiot!’ 9 rishta meeting 10. ‘This tikki is calling to me and making me hungry. Why aren’t they here already?’ 11. ‘All this feels unreal. When did dad convince me to meet boys? How did I agree to an arranged marriage?’ 11 rishta meeting 12. ‘Do some people find the love of their life like this? Will I?’ 13. ‘I feel nervous. It’s weird, this feeling. I mean I know everything about this boy – how well he’s educated, where he is working - everything should be fine, right?’ 13 rishta meeting 14. ‘Oh, here they are. Oooh… I see he works out often. I like that colour on him.’ 15. ‘And I enter. Chin up, darling. Let’s do this…’ 15 rishta meeting GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Apr 28, 2017
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