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#FashionDiaries: I Made A Makeup Bag… With My Old Bra!

#FashionDiaries: I Made A Makeup Bag… With My Old Bra!

Being a big hoarder of random things that I am, Pinterest is definitely the best thing I’ve ever been introduced to! I open the app on my phone and I’m glued to it for hours together. It gives me fashion inspiration from around the word and gets my creative juices flowing instantly. It was on one such day, that I was sitting in my pajamas and going through my Pinterest feed, when I saw this really cool pin about how to recycle old bras and make a bag from it. It did sound a little absurd to me as well but then I thought about all the old bras I’ve got stacked up in my cupboard and if I’m really going to do something better with them. That’s when I knew exactly what I was going to do over the weekend!
I used an old pink bra for this experiment and a wrap around skirt that I hardly ever used. After going through all the useless things I’d been collecting, I found a broken bow clip, a cutesy lemon embellishment from an old rubber band and a couple of other things I thought could be used. I didn’t watch any tutorial to make this and just went with the flow. Internal reused my old bra (1) The idea was to cut the side straps of the bra (leave about 2 inches from each side) and stitch the two cups together. Once I was done stitching the two cups together, I had the basic structure of the bag ready. Now all it needed was a little bit of accessorising. I cut my skirt in a rectangular shape and started stitching it along the cups to cover the bra completely. Thoughts like ‘why did I not learn how to sew as a child’ crossed my mind several times as I was losing my patience doing this. But once I was done stitching my skirt on the bra, the effort seemed worth it! Now it was time for my favourite bit - add ons! Since my skirt was already printed and colourful, I decided to go easy on the accessories. I used the lemon embellishment as a brooch and the belt of my skirt as handles for the bag. And there it was, my very first Pinterest attempt at making a picturesque makeup bag!
It looked nothing like the ones I’d seen on Pinterest. My bag looked like a 6 year old’s attempt at a best. But it’s definitely made me more eager to try making cool and creative things out of all my old clothes. I also learned some other things, like have more patience, for instance. And of course, to try the easier stuff I see on Pinterest before I start stitching things together! That’s how I reused my old bra, guys. There is a whole bunch of creative things you can do with the old stuff lying in your closet. This was my first attempt and I’m definitely going try doing more such things, and you should too!
Published on Apr 9, 2017
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