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10 Things We Say That Our Husbands Wish We Wouldn’t!

10 Things We Say That Our Husbands Wish We Wouldn’t!

Ladies, let us tell you in a very straightforward manner - husbands have to be handled with utmost care! Sometimes, that fragile ego many of them have can snap at the sound of any conversation they don’t like. Take a cue from these 10 things your husband does not want to hear. Steer clear of saying any of these things to him, ladies, and you’ll both do just fine.

1. I told you so.

Oh how we love the sound of this phrase. There is satisfaction, and joy and peace in telling anyone that you knew a particular thing would inevitably happen. That your intuition is strong, but well, men, and like we said, their egos, just won’t have it.

2. Why are you doing that?!

A man and his judgement…gosh, they can be really touchy about it. Right or wrong, they will do what they want to – so no point asking this. 2 husband does not want to hear

3. Why don’t you ask for directions?

Women think: How bad can it be to roll down the windows and ask the rick fellow or the local paan wala where a certain place is. Men think: How can the rickshaw guy know better than me – even if I haven’t stepped foot in this area ever in life. Directions come to men naturally, no need to ASK anyone!

4. You said you’ll do it.

So what if it was six months ago? Men believe they don’t need reminders. Period.

5. We need to talk.

All antennas go up and the phrase sounds scary to everyone. Just say what you have to say without causing him any extra stress with this phrase.
5 husband does not want to hear

6. Forget it… I’ll just do it myself.

Major ego damage alert. It’s hard for men to gather that a) they haven’t done something, b) you are mad about it, and c) you will go and do it and have an upper hand in things.

7. You need to calm down.

When has anyone in the history of calming down, calmed down with this phrase? If anything, it irks them more.

8. Why can’t you be like him?!

Brother, father, cousin, ex, neighbour… whoever it may be, this is a big no! Don’t ever say this. No one likes that sort of comparison, and men are no different. Refrain! 8 husband does not want to hear

9. I’ve got a headache today.

Hmm…no play time tonight. Urgh!

10. Why are you wasting money?

Huh? Wasting? No way…a man knows how to spend his bucks on real things – even if it’s some not-so-important gym equipment he’s not going to use! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Apr 27, 2017
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