10 Things You Do… That Your Boyfriend Kinda Doesn’t Like!

10 Things You Do… That Your Boyfriend Kinda Doesn’t Like!

There are little’ things you may sometimes do that your boyfriend may get annoyed about. You may not even be doing them intentionally, and were completely unaware that this might irritate him. Here are 11 things you didn’t know your guy does not like!

1. Being on your phone all the time

Constantly switching between social media and clicking endless selfies, so much so, that you stop enjoying the moment is likely to turn him off. You don’t want him to think you love your phone more than him!

2. Trying too hard to make him jealous

When a man sees his girl flirting with other men, while being committed to him, it surely makes him jealous. However, more than that, it raises unwanted doubt in his mind about you and your relationship. You don’t want that, do you?

2 your guy does not like

3. Talking about your ex

Undoubtedly, hearing you talk about your exes and past relationships, endlessly will irritate him. While he may be all for listening to you speak your mind, he is likely to wonder why the past and the guys in it, still occupy such a significant part of your present. You can’t blame him, can you?

4. When you compare him to others

If you love him, why compare him to others? It’s sort of unfair and demeaning to be compared to other guys. Be it physical attributes or anything else, it’s just better to not judge.

4 your guy does not like

5. Not giving him his space

Everyone needs a little ‘me’ time once in a while. Your boyfriend surely loves you, but he loves himself too, you know? Giving him space is vital to making your relationship work!

6. Gossiping more than needed!

While men may show some interest in your gossip every now and then, they don’t like that to be the only conversation you two have. Digging someone else’s dirt isn’t the best thing to do anyway!

6 your guy does not like

7. Not making an effort to dress up

In bed or otherwise. He likes it when you dress well. While we get that you obviously can’t wear sexy lingerie all day, everyday but he does expect you to dress up sexy for him on those special days. And yes, he will be a tad bit disappointed if you didn’t show up for a night stay wearing that lingerie he loves!

8. Controlling his life!

When you’re in a relationship, you are bound to put a few restrictions on each other. But you don’t need to regulate his life or what he does during the day. It’s obviously not going to be the best thing for him or your relationship.

8 your guy does not like

9. Not being ambitious enough

He wants you to be something, achieve your goals and chase your dreams endlessly. It’s quite something to date a girl who is driven, independent and has a life of her own.

10. Not appreciating him

Everyone likes a pat on their back once in a while, don’t they? You do too, so there’s no reason why he shouldn’t get his share of compliments from the girl he loves the most. If you want to be his best critic, you have to be his best friend too.

10 your guy does not like

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