10 Things Girls LOVE Doing In Bed… But Guys Secretly Dread!

10 Things Girls LOVE Doing In Bed… But Guys Secretly Dread!
Your boyfriend enjoys time with you in bed, just as much as you do. The romance, the cuteness, and occasionally, the kinkiness too! But there are some things he may not be particularly fond of. You may love to do these things and he may play along, but secretly, he may not be such a huge fan. Here are a few things your guy does not like to do in bed!

1. Prolonged cuddling

It’s not that he doesn’t want to cuddle or doesn’t like it, it’s just that a session too long may give him an arm-cramp! 1 Your Guy Does Not Like To Do In Bed

2. Spooning and being the bigger spoon

While you are feeling all cute and comfy, curled up on your bed, he is trying not to sneeze because of all your hair on his face. But, he will most probably find a workaround because he’s that sweet!

3. Leaving your hair open during sex

Sure, it feels sexy, but in some erm…positions, it might not make you look so attractive. He cannot see your face because of the curtain your hair creates. Also, he doesn’t want your hair in places it shouldn’t be in. 3 Your Guy Does Not Like To Do In Bed

4. Erm… Makeup

All that contouring may make you look sizzling hot when you’re heading out for a party. But he probably doesn’t want to be careful about messing up your look when you’re getting naughty in bed!

5. Long nails are sexy… Not!

Well, you are going to be handling his sensitive and very important areas. You don’t want to be leaving scratches, instead of love bites in all the wrong places. 5 Your Guy Does Not Like To Do In Bed

6. Sexy but complicated bras!

All your strappy and stretchy bras that make you look so sexy? He likes them too… Just not when he has to take them off. It’s hard because he can never figure out how many hooks he has to work his way through, before it comes off!

7. Slathering too much of that fragrant lotion

If your lotion is strongly scented it may make him want to sneeze. Also, if you apply a lot of it just before having sex, he might get some in his mouth! 7 Your Guy Does Not Like To Do In Bed

8. Another session after having ‘done it’.

After they are done and over with the act, guys want to do NOTHING for a bit. So, while he loves kissing and other heavy action before sex, he may not like to do the same right after.

9. Clicking bedfies

His love for bedfies (read: bed selfies) may not be as great as yours. He would rather prefer you cozying up with him than clicking selfies together! 9 Your Guy Does Not Like To Do In Bed

10. Watching chick-flicks.

When he is in bed with you, he probably wants no distractions. No, not even those romantic movies you love! GIFs: Giphy