First In Your Group To Get Married? 14 Things You’ll Relate To!

First In Your Group To Get Married? 14 Things You’ll Relate To!
‘Firsts’ are always special. No, we’re not talking about those romantic firsts of your relationship. We’re talking of the first shaadi in your group of girls! Yup, if you’re the first one to get married, then trust us lady, you’re very, very lucky. The excitement for the first wedding in the group is more than any other. After all, it’s not just you but your BFFs too who’ll be experiencing something totally new. Here are 14 things you’ll totally relate to.

1. The energy and excitement is next level!

This is the first ever shaadi in the group and nothing could ever be more exciting and bigger than this one event. 1 first one to get married

2. Your friends are there for you at any and every time.

All your friends are always and forever available for anything related to the shaadi. Be it accompanying you for shopping or listening to your endless late night rants. They’ll be there.

3. In fact, they’ll be with you before time.

You don’t have to beg or force them to take a week off. They’ll be at your place well advance and all throughout the wedding too. It’s also because they’re all still wild, single and free. *Wink*

4. You’ll have the best bachelorette!

You can expect an amaziiing bachelorette! Your friends so totally want it and so do you! 4 first one to get married

5. You won’t have any friends to take wedding planning advice from.

Because you’re the first one, you don’t really have any recently married friends to turn to for vendor suggestions or venue advice. No help there, nope.

6. Your friends are constantly enquiring about the single groomsmen.

You’re being constantly nagged to fix up your single girls with the single groomsmen. In fact, one love story is bound to be born.

7. You have a tough time explaining to your gang the responsibilities that come with being engaged.

Your friends give you a hard time when you cancel a saturday night plan at the last minute. They don’t know what big a task wedding planning is. Or that going for a coffee with your to-be-mom-in-law is more important at the moment. 7 first one to get married

8. Your friends are going to pamper you A LOT.

You will be given special treatment like never before. You’re the first girl of the group to get married and all your girlies go out of their way to make you feel amazing.

9. There will be tons of performances at your sangeet.

Girl, you can expect one crazy sangeet night! Everyone wants to perform and the show will definitely be awesome. But it’s also hard to find partners for that couple dance performance. Because most of them are still single!

10. You will invariably end up stressing out your friends.

Your girls also slightly hate you because now their mums are pestering them to get married too! #IndianParents! 10 first one to get married

11. At times, you will watch them friends, and want to be single and wild again.

Somewhere during the wedding functions you wish you too could join your girls. Dance crazy, dress comfy, drink lots, enjoy and have a blast... as opposed to sitting on the stage!

12. Your girlies will be over enthusiastic about everything to do with your shaadi.

Expect your friends to be over involved at everything from the pre to the post of the shaadi! From tagging you in articles to making sure that your first year functions are just as amazing...they’ll go all out!

13. You will have to share ALL the deets with your girls.

Deets. God, your friends will want too much of that. From the first night to the mom-in-law, they wanna know everything. And you feel like the experienced one familiarising others with the truth about married life. 13 first one to get married

14. You’ll feel like the wedding planning pro among your friends!

You know the next one in line is coming to your for everything. Isn’t that cool?! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr