Married Into A Punjabi Family? 14 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get!

Married Into A Punjabi Family? 14 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get!
We are Punjabis and we come with a warning sign. Yup, we’re all things crazy and all things fun, and if you’re joining our BIG famjam...well then, a big hello to you! Uhh, actually we’re just being formal, we’d rather just envelop you in a tight jhappi followed by a pappi. So ladies, if you just got married into a Punjabi family, here are 14 things you’ll totally relate too.

1. The vyah definitely was cray-cray!

Punjabi shaadis are always larger than life…not just in terms of the money spent on them, but more like the shor sharaba and naach gaana. You do admit that your family was a li’l taken aback with all that energy! 1 married into a punjabi family

2. Our decibel levels are on another level

Get ready to scream your lungs out girl! If you want to be audible in this Punjabi house, you gotta clear out your vocal cords and pump up the volume.

3. So many relatives.

You’ll have just too many relatives visiting every other day. And they don’t even need an excuse! Punjabi households are always full of raunak! 3 married into a punjabi family

4. Even our blood is meetha!

Cause no meal of ours is EVER complete without some laddoo or barfi at the end. Actually, we could do ladoos for starters, halwa for main course and gulab jamun for dessert. You get it, right?!

5. Bread and omelette… woh kya hai?!

Be prepared to be fed with garma-garam parantha with extra ghee and butter every damn morning! Yeah…breakfast can never be too light. And mom-in-law will make sure you plump up in no time at all. 5 married into a punjabi family

6. The bridal chuda is a big, big deal!

Naah, no one’s gonna force you into it but we’ll love for you to wear it. And to be honest, brides all over India are now wanting to wear a chuda...Punjabi or not. It’s just another one of our super cool and trendy traditions.

7. Subtle is not our style!

Fuschia and fluorescent with lots of bling… that’s how we dress up on most days. And being the newly married girl, we’re sure all the auntyjis are already trying to deck you up every time you step out. 7 married into a punjabi family

8. Now you’ll know what first year festivals look like!

You’ve heard of them, and now you’ll get to experience them. And no one celebrates like Punjabis do. Especially Diwali and Lohri. Marrying into a punjabi family guarantees that you’ll feel like a newlywed for the entire first year. No doubts about that, nopes!

9. Your mummy ji is SO chilled out.

It’s been so easy to bond with her, right? Given that she could be a bit muh fatt at times but she knows how to make it up to you right after. 9 married into a punjabi family

10. And he is the not-so-typical husband.

Your family loves him because being a Punjabi he just knows how to fit in. And he’s obviously the life of every party. The only kinda member your family was missing all this while!

11. God bless our capacity to drink!

You’ve already seen that, right? And it leaves you amazed every single time! No matter what the occasion, everyone in the room always has a glass in their hands. Cheers!
11 married into a punjabi family

12. EVERY weekend is special.

If you thought you could just sit back and binge watch movies all weekend, you’re so mistaken. Weekends for us are bistar + beer + bhangra + butter chicken. We know how to make the most of every single day.

13. You’re gonna dance more than you ever have.

Even the slightest of khushi is celebrated by dancing! We dance at every door ke rishtedaar ki shaadi or a friend’s roka or a baby shower or when relatives from Amreeka are over. And that’s pretty much the only exercise our body ever gets. 13 married into a punjabi family

14. You know you have the world’s best family.

You know you wouldn’t have as much fun in any other family. And even if it’s been just a few days, you already feel loved by everyone around you. It doesn’t take a Punjabi family anything but a smile to welcome you wholeheartedly into their crazy world! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr