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12 *Secrets* A Wedding Planner Will Never EVER Tell You!

12 *Secrets* A Wedding Planner Will Never EVER Tell You!

A lot of us hire wedding planners to make our wedding day truly special. And you have to admit, it makes a lot of difference. Wedding planners make your dream wedding come true...not just in terms of the arrangements, but they also make sure that you and your family have a great time during the shaadi functions. But while they work hard to make it all happen, they do have a few secrets of their own. Here are 12 things wedding planners do not tell you. NEVER EVER!

1. They have a knack of covering up

Things will go wrong at your wedding, even at the last minute, but you’ll never ever find out about it. A wedding planner will not give you deets about every little thing that went wrong and if there is some extra expenditure because of it, they’ll just adjust it in some other bill.  

2. They may not take up your event even if they have dates

2 things wedding planners do not tell you There are times when they may say no to you citing date issues. Truth is, that first meeting might have put them off just a li’l bit. Maybe you came across as too demanding or difficult or maybe the budget is not satisfying enough for them.

3. They are NOT marriage counsellors

They are just wedding planners, not your personal therapists. Though a lot of them are generous enough to help you out with your emotional outbursts, it really is not their job. You are stressed, yes, but let’s not involve your planner in all that.  

4. They do a lot of dirty work

4 things wedding planners do not tell you
You would always think that it’s one of the helps who is doing it, but a lot of times the planners themselves are doing a lot of odd jobs too. From taking care of the dirty table linen to mopping your stage...they’ve done it all. With a smile on their face.

5. They do make decisions without consulting you!

Have you taken a bit too long to come to a decision between A & B? Well, chances are, your planner has already made the call and ordered what they feel will go best. And in most cases, they will convince you to go with their choice. After all, a pro knows best.

6. They reuse stuff and it’s OKAY!

6 things wedding planners do not tell you From flowers to centerpieces and your phoolon ki chaadar, it might just be reused from the morning function they organised. As far as the stuff still looks good and fresh, there is no problem at all.

7. They will do anything to make your wedding perfect

They know they’ve been hired to make your dream wedding come true and trust us, they will go to any length to make sure that your wedding is just as beautiful as you wanted it to be.

8. They still cry at weddings

8 things wedding planners do not tell you
There is just something about weddings and no matter how many they’ve been a part off, some moments still make them shed a tear.

9. They are under a lot of pressure

Truth be told, wedding planning is one stressful job. There is so much to do and it is not easy. A lot of hard work goes into planning a wedding and the planners are constantly under pressure to make sure that everything is perfect.

10. They may find your family annoying!

10 things wedding planners do not tell you Well, sometimes! When there are too many people suggesting too many things or one family member throwing way too many tantrums and demanding weird things. Or when you take ages to give them your final decision...it can get to anybody! They know their job, they love it and all they need is an understanding family.

11. They get to eat a lot of cake!

The upside of being a wedding planner!

12. EVERY wedding is special to them

12 things wedding planners do not tell you Just because they do a dozen weddings does not mean yours is not special to them. Every wedding for a wedding planner is special in its own way. It’s not just a job for them, it’s much more than that. And somewhere in the process of planning your special day, they do get attached to your family too. So just trust them, girls.
A big shout out to all the wedding planners out there. You guys are amazing!! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Apr 12, 2017
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