11 Things EVERY Single Girl Is Tired Of Hearing At Weddings!

11 Things EVERY Single Girl Is Tired Of Hearing At Weddings!
Weddings are fun, sure. But wedding guests can get pretty annoying, especially when they keep trying to fix another wedding – yours. If you are a 20 something woman, you must have heard many of these things while attending weddings, for Indian aunties will not rest until all young people they know are married off. Here are are 11 things unmarried girls are tired of hearing at shaadis.

1. ‘Kitni badi hogai hai! Aur, kya kar rahi ho aaj-kal beta?’ *Scans her from top to bottom to mentally match her with Gupta ji ka beta*

Auntyji here just realised that you make for a potential candidate to flex her match-making skills with. And she only a few of your deets to quickly match you with her list of “eligible bachelors”. Lucky, you met her – NOT!   1 unmarried girls are tired of hearing

2. ‘Did you see? Pinky got engaged last month and her wedding lehenga cost a few lakhs, and her jewellery was to die for…’

You will also find yourself stuck in lengthy conversations of who wore what at the previous bestseller wedding. It is here that you’ll understand how to minutely dissect a bride and her entire outfit and discuss it for hours.   

3. ‘Padhai kar li, job bhi kar rahi ho, ab shaadi karne ka sahi time hai!’

It’s the circle of life and you’ve just been reminded to complete yours, woman. Who do you think you are to have escaped it for so long?   3 unmarried girls are tired of hearing

4. ‘Beta, kitni padhai aur bachi hai abhi?’

What a sweet-sounding question meant to ascertain how long before you enter the marriage market. Second year in college means you still have a year to go, while third year in college means you are ready – get it?  

5. ‘Have you met Varun?’

Varun/ Akshay/ Imran – just any single boy, about the same age as you who can make for your future husband, or so chachiji thinks.    5 unmarried girls are tired of hearing

6.’So, when will you get married? Aren’t your parents looking for someone, or do you have a boyfriend (Winks)?’

You really thought this was a personal matter? Hah. Prepare to answer these private queries in public.  

7. ‘How is it that you aren’t married yet? You’re so beautiful…’

And that’s how you challenge someone’s credibility, in the guise of a compliment. Watch and learn, ladies.   7 unmarried girls are tired of hearing

8. ‘I was a mother of two by your age…’

Someone try explaining to this woman that not everyone wishes to replicate her *ideal* life. She really must stop explaining by example.   

9. ‘Why aren’t you getting married? You do want to get married, right?’

There’s logic behind this question. Allow us to explain. If a person eventually has to get married, why not do it earlier than later? Why not do it now than next year? Why not meet men today than sometime later in life… you see how it goes?   9 unmarried girls are tired of hearing

10. ‘I know of some good boys for you, if you’re interested…’

Says the unofficial matchmaker of an uncle whose only interest in hopping from one wedding to another is to scan prospective brides and grooms and help them come together. What a man, what a job!   

11. ‘Don’t get married. Stay single for as long as you can, sister.’

And then there are the married ones, who wouldn’t refrain from first venting out frustrations one has during the course of a married life, and then strongly advising you against it.    11 unmarried girls are tired of hearing GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr