17 *Sweet* Things Every Girl Wants To Tell Her Fiance!

17 *Sweet* Things Every Girl Wants To Tell Her Fiance!
Here’s a little something for the man of our dreams - sometimes, it is difficult for us women to explain ourselves. (Ya ya, you can say we’re from Venus) But seriously, we do drop hints about who we are from the inside, just so that you know us better and love us better. Just to spell things out loud and clear, here are a few things to tell your fiance. Take a cue from these, won’t you?

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1. I will be around - in good times and bad.

Because that’s how you are made. Built to last kinds.

2. Inside this tough exterior, there is a cute little girl who wants to be loved.

P.S. I love flowers and chocolates, no matter how cliché they sound.

3. Family comes first, always!

And that goes for both sides. I will love and respect yours as much as I would mine. 3. things to tell your fiance

4. Let’s go for long drives often, please?

I’d choose that any day over a fine dine. It’s the company that matters. And talks and the dhaabe ki lassi and paratha. Yummm!

5. You should value my close friends.

They are family for me. We’ve been through a lot together and have stayed strong. Come, join the madness.

6. Hug me often, won’t you?

Nothing for me compares to the warm feeling of being enclosed in your arms. Just plain bliss! Sigh! 6. things to tell your fiance

7. Motivate me as and when you can.

I love the sound of you, pushing me harder to make my dreams come true. Do it, please.

8. Let’s discuss our future kids’ names?

I’m thinking long term with you. Very long term. Till death do us apart… remember? So might as well discuss the future together.

9. Complimenting me is a must!

It means a lot to be appreciated by you. You are my world and I want to be yours. 9. things to tell your fiance

10. Hold me gently.

Let us walk together into the future. Till eternity. That’s what I’ve been dreaming of.

11. Kindly laugh at my silly jokes

I can be really foolish. Very, very foolish. But laugh along with me, never at me, please!

12. Dance with me.

So what if we have two left feet. I love the feeling of being close to you. 12. things to tell your fiance

13. Don’t investigate my past.

I’m done with it. Seriously.

14. Write letters to me… That’s so romantic!

Handwritten letters are awesome! I’m old school about love.

15. Love is about sacrifice.

And the first thing that I’ve sacrificed for you is ego. I’m all for love. 15. things to tell your fiance

16. Surprise me!

In a good way. I love the idea of being caught by noble surprises.

17. Look into my eyes.

Sometimes in a naughty way too. I love you loads! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr