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15 HOT Things To Say To Him - Before, During & After Sex!

15 HOT Things To Say To Him - Before, During & After Sex!

Talking in a relationship is very necessary because it lets you communicate with your partner about their likes and dislikes and vice versa. Similarly, talking during sex is also important because it helps you communicate, well, your likes and dislikes in bed (and also because it’s like such a big turn on). So, if a little sweet (or dirty) talking before, during and after the act can get you loads of pleasure then why not do it, right? Here are 15 things to say in bed to your SO before, during and after sex to make it extra hot!

Things to say before sex…

1. ‘I love how your hair looks when I play with it.’ Things to say in bed 1 2. You kiss with so much passion, I can kiss you almost all day long.’ 3. ‘Let’s make this a night we will never forget!’ 4. ‘I've been thinking about this all day long...’ 5. ‘Your body smells so good, I could eat you up!’ Things to say in bed 5

Things to say during sex…

6. ‘Remember how awesome it was the last time we were together? This feels even better!’ 7. ‘The way you moan totally turns me on!’ 8. ‘I love how awesome your shoulders look when you're on top of me!’ 9. ‘Oh! You know exactly what turns me on. Just keep going...’ Things to say in bed 9 10. ‘Pull my hair back and me closer.’

Things to say after sex…

11. ‘That was so damn good. Just thinking about it makes me feel horny again!’ 12. ‘My favourite part was when you...’ 13. ‘I could just lie here with you...forever!’ Things to say in bed 13 14. ‘I always fantasized about doing something like this, you know?’ 15. ‘You know what we should do next time? Oh, I already can't wait!’ GIFs: Tumblr