10 Things To NOT Do When Wearing A Maxi Dress!

10 Things To NOT Do When Wearing A Maxi Dress!
Summer is here and all we want to do is walk around in the comfiest maxi dresses we own. We can invest in a dozen maxi dresses and still want more. They are arguably the most feminine and comfiest summer outfit there is. But with varied styles and designs, it is possible to go wrong while styling a maxi dress. Don’t worry, before you go ahead and make these mistakes, we’re here to tell you 10 things to not do when wearing a maxi dress!

1. Not dressing for the occasion

Believe it or not, there’s a maxi dress for every occasion. A flowy, sleeveless floral maxi may be perfect for the beach or a casual day out with friends, but you can’t wear a dress like that for a formal get together. For a more formal occasion, a monochrome maxi dress should be just fine. If the dress is too strappy and printed, avoiding it is a good idea.

2. The wrong length

2 wearing a maxi dress Maxi dresses are meant to be long and flowy. A maxi dress that cuts off at an unflattering length is an absolute disaster! The dress should ideally cut off just an inch below the ankle. If the dress ends above the ankle, it’s likely to make you look shorter and break the flow of the dress.

3. Not dressing for your body type

Dressing for your body type is key. All you have to do is highlight the area of your body you’re most confident about while concealing the problem areas. If you have a narrow waist, an empire line maxi dress will draw all the attention on your waist and flatter your body. If you have a broader torso and want to draw attention on your legs, a maxi dress with slits and sleeves is a good idea.

4. Ballerinas are a big no-no!

Maxi dresses look best when paired with open toe heels and flats. Ballerinas break the flow of the dress and kill the look entirely. Opt for strappy flats to go with maxi dresses as they visually make you look taller and balance the outfit perfectly.  
4 wearing a maxi dress

5. Over accessorising

You must always choose accessories based on the style of the dress. The aim is to balance the look with accessories. If the dress reveals most of your neck area, wear a dainty necklace to dress it up. If you’re wearing a sleeveless dress, a chunky bracelet will look perfect. But don’t wear everything together as that’ll just look odd and work against you.

6. Lingerie issues!

You might be wearing the most gorgeous dress but something will seem off about it if you didn’t get the lingerie right. Body hugging maxi dresses call for seamless underwear. Visible panty and bra lines only grab attention for all the wrong reasons. Similarly, if you’re wearing a maxi dress with noodle straps, the colour of your bra should complement the dress so the straps don’t look odd if they show. 6 wearing a maxi dress

7. Material matters  

When you buy a maxi dress, make sure you check the material under a good lighting. If it’s a slightly see-through material, make sure you wear a slip under it before you step out in the sun.  

8. Wearing something too clingy

No matter how fit you are. If you’re wearing a body hugging maxi dress, you are likely to look broader than you are. But if at all you want to wear something body hugging, make sure you go for a fabric that doesn’t cling to your body in an unflattering way. Fabrics like lycra and spandex are best avoided.
8 wearing a maxi dress

9. NO leggings please!

Maxi dresses with slits too high can cause unnecessary malfunctions. But that doesn’t mean you wear leggings under your dress hoping it’ll pass off as a stylised kurta. To prevent any such mishap, wear cycling shorts instead. Nude coloured cycling shorts are the way to go as they won’t look odd even as you walk.

10. Don’t get your layering wrong

Whether it’s a windy day or if you just want to throw on a layer to amp up your look, make sure you don’t go for anything too loose or slouchy. A well fitted denim jacket or anything that adds structure to your look will definitely look more polished than a loose cardigan. 10 wearing a maxi dress (1) Internal Images: Shutterstock