10 Things You Should NEVER Do Right Before Having Sex!

10 Things You Should NEVER Do Right Before Having Sex!
We know that sex is not always planned and is usually a spontaneous thing that happens. When you are in the mood, the last thing you want to do is run a checklist in your mind of things you should do before having sex. But some things are not only important for your health but are also important for you to enjoy your sexual experience. Here are 10 things to not do before having sex. These tips will be super useful in making your sex life, even better than it already is!

1. Have a big hearty meal

If you have a meal which is high in carbs, the chances of you being sleepy are high, which will just end up making you feel lazy! Your energy levels might go down and thus you might not enjoy your time, in bed! 1 things to not do before having sex

2. Masturbate

Masturbation before sex is a bad idea! For a guy, it simply makes it difficult to have an erection immediately after. And for a girl, getting in the right mood becomes harder after you’ve masturbated! Ideally, keep a few hours gap between having sex and masturbating!

3. Be stressed

Being under high stress will affect your performance and has a direct impact on your sex life. If you are stressed about something, tell your partner to give you a dry (without oil) foot massage or a back massage to calm you down and set the mood too. 3 things to not do before having sex

4. Have peppermints

You might have peppermint before getting into bed to avoid bad breath but peppermint contains menthol which can cause a drop in the testosterone level, which may make your sex drive suffer a bit!

5. Skip the condom check

Always, always have enough condoms handy! You never know how many you end up needing and you don't want to be stuck without them. Do a quick chemist run if you don't think you have enough at home! 
5 things to not do before having sex

6. Drink too much

Even though alcohol does help set the mood and loosen up, drinking too much will dull your senses which might make arousal a little difficult and will reduce your chances of getting an orgasm!

7. Shave just before

You might want a smooth and silky feeling down there but shaving your pubic hair right before sex can increase your chances of getting an STI and other infections because of the likelihood of wounds and tiny scratches that might come after shaving. 7 things to not do before having sex

8. Eat spicy food

Foods can alter the vaginal odour and taste. So it’s best to eat a simple, everyday meal that you usually take. Also, if you’re planning to eat raw onions, make sure you rinse your mouth before you get cozy!

9. Give an oil massage...down there

It can make things messy and sticky, yes. But what's worse is that some oils can actually break down latex condoms and cause them to be less efficient. This isn't a situation you want to be caught in, ladies!  9 things to not do before having sex

10. Pick an argument

Because it will kill the mood almost instantly and that’s obviously the last thing you want! Keep the bitterness away and focus on the good things. Cuddle up, cozy, kiss and tell him that you love him. A naked couple about to have should not be having an argument.
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