10 Things You Should NEVER Say To Him In the Middle Of A Fight!

10 Things You Should NEVER Say To Him In the Middle Of A Fight!
A relationship is rainbows and thunder in equal proportions. It’s not always going to be all lovey-dovey. In fact, fighting and having arguments is a healthy (and kinda important) part of any relationship. Even that couple you consider #RelationshipGoals has disagreements at times. While there’s nothing wrong with having a fight, there are a few things you should steer clear of no matter how huge or how tiny the disagreement is. Here are a few things to never say to your boyfriend. Nope! Not even when you are fighting.

1. ‘This is all your upbringing that is showing!’

Never ever drag his family into the fight. It is extremely rude and disrespectful. You wouldn’t like it if he did the same, would you? 1 things to never say to your boyfriend

2. ‘Well, at least my ex knew me better than you!’

You very well know that your ex is your ex because of a reason. So why drag him into the fight? We know, when you are fighting, the urge to hurt your partner may cloud your senses but this may do a lot more damage than you can imagine.

3. ‘Yes, your stupid ass friends can go to hell too!’

He may know in his heart of hearts that you are just saying this in a wave of anger but this could stick with him. His friends probably mean the world to him and it won’t be a great feeling for him to hear you talk like this about them. 3 things to never say to your boyfriend

4. ‘Yeah well, have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror?’

No. Never do this. Commenting on his appearance and making him feel inferior because of the same is one of the worst things you can do. No one is perfect, including yourself. So while it’s okay to be mad at him…fight fair. Don’t hit him below the belt.

5. ‘You know what?! #%#$ %%$’

Hurling abuses… Like, serious abuses at him will do no good. Before you know, the issue at hand will be forgotten and you will both end up locking horns over why you resorted to such brash verbal abuses. Not only will the issue not be resolved, this will leave you both with a bitter feeling that is likely to linger on for longer than you would like.
5 things to never say to your boyfriend

6. ‘You always do this!’

Don’t generalize. A bubble of a fight will probably become a giant hot-air balloon of a fight just because of these words. Even if you think there’s a pattern to your partner’s behaviour that annoys you and causes frequent arguments, don’t blurt it out in the heat of the moment. Wait till you have both calmed down and address it like an adult.

7. ‘Damn it! Loving you was the biggest mistake of my life!’

You very well know that this is not true but it still kinda hurts to hear that. He too probably knows you don’t necessarily mean it, but a little nagging doubt will find it’s way into his mind and stay there for quite some time. 7 things to never say to your boyfriend

8. ‘You know what? I don’t want to be with you. I am breaking up with you!’

Breaking up is a big decision. So don’t use the phrase ‘breaking up’ so casually. Walk away from the conversation if you must but saying ‘I am breaking up with you’ every time you have a fight is a terrible idea.

9. ‘If I leave you’re gonna come back crawling to me!’

This will be a huge blow to his self-respect. Bruising his self-respect can do no good because you know very well that if tables were turned, you too wouldn’t take kindly to such a statement. So, why make it ugly?
9 things to never say to your boyfriend

10. ‘You’re a loser in life!’

By calling him a loser you are demeaning him as a person. From this point on the fight will probably be about ‘Is that what you really think about me?’ rather than being an argument about a specific issue. Fight over the issue, don’t pull yourself higher up in the argument by pushing your partner down. GIFs: Tumblr