10 Things Your Nipples Would Tell You… If They Could Talk!

10 Things Your Nipples Would Tell You… If They Could Talk!
There are various things that our boobs want to tell us, especially about our health. However, we tend to forget those tiny babies hanging in solidarity with them. Our nipples are of different kinds and we have already talked about that before. However, there are a few things to know about your nipples, that you probably don’t.

1. ‘We are feeling cold or we’re horny’

When your nipples perk up, this is probably the sign. So, either wear some extra clothes or get rid of them! *Wink* things to know about your nipples 1

2. ‘We’re sore or chafe’

If you’re not wearing the right sports bra during a workout, your nipples will rub against your bra and cause them to get sore. Wear breathable fabrics to prevent this.

3. ‘We come in different colours’

Nipples come in different shapes, sizes and colours. No two nipples are the same. Some are dark and some are light. So don’t fret about the difference.

4. ‘We’re normal even if we’re inverted’

Inverted nipples are normal and a lot of women have them. It’s not that uncommon and is surely not the reason to worry about. things to know about your nipples 4

5. ‘It’s okay if we have hair on us’

Nipples just like every other organ have a tendency to grow hair on them. It is completely normal. If they disturb you, you can always wax or shave them.

6. ‘We have multiple openings’

Not many of us realize the fact that nipples have multiple orifices… At least until breastfeeding comes into play!

7. ‘Sometimes it’s okay for us to leak’

Sometimes discharge can happen even when you’re not lactating. However, if it persists, you must consult your doctor immediately. things to know about your nipples 7

8. ‘We take time to heal if you pierce us’

It takes almost 8-9 months for nipples to heal when they’re pierced. They also make the nipples bigger than they already are.

9. ‘Our sensitivity varies from one woman to the other’

Every woman has a different reaction to being touched. Some women feel aroused when her nipples are being touched while others just prefer not being touched there...at all!

10. ‘Breastfeeding can be a tad hard on us’

Breastfeeding is not that easy on nipples. It causes them to get raw and sometimes makes them sore. Pregnancy is not an easy thing, after all! things to know about your nipples 10 GIFs: Giphy