13 Things That Happen For The *First* Time After You Get Married

13 Things That Happen For The *First* Time After You Get Married
Marriage is nothing if not a series of funny yet emotional ‘firsts’. You would have never experienced so many things before and furthermore, never even given them any thought! If you’re newly married, you’ll definitely relate to these things that happen after you get married.

1. You miss squabbling with your younger brother/sister...

Yup, that pesky brat troubled you for so many years and you never, ever thought you’d be saying this – but you miss it; you miss all of it!

2. You become conscious of innumerable habits.

Wait, why am I sitting like that? Why am I twiddling my thumbs? Why do I feel like watching TV right now? There are so many miniscule things you start learning and observing about yourself.
2 things that happen after you get married

3. You realize just how much you crave your own space!

Now this is new. You’d never have pegged yourself to be someone who liked to sit alone. But now, all of a sudden, you long the solitude that comes with some good old alone time!

4. You suddenly miss random things about your old house.

Like the natural light that would pour in through the kitchen window as you had your Sunday chai. You get emotional seeing that window the next time you visit home. 4 things that happen after you get married

5. You realize that some of your habits seem weird to others...

Like showering multiple times a day, for instance! Apparently, people shower only once. Now that’s..well..their own goddamn unhygienic decision!

6. You get super anxious about missing any plan the rest of your girl besties are part of.

What must they be doing? Are they missing me? I should have chucked this family function and gone! What if they leave me out next time? Nah! They would never! 6 things that happen after you get married

7. You actually start to care about your appearance when you step out; okay well, sometimes!

These bahu scenes make you want to put your best foot forward even though you’re not sure where you’re actually going or who’s going to be there.

8. You feel way more connected to the hubby than you ever have...

Now that he’s your legal partner in crime and your roomie – you depend on him a lot more. 8 things that happen after you get married

9. You realize just how much nonsense your parents put up with...

You’d walk in and out of the house without so much so as an explanation sometimes… And now you miss the care freeness of it all!

10. You have many, many existential conversations with yourself

Wow! When did I grow up? So this is what marriage is like, huh? Did I jump into it too early? But it also felt like the right decision... 10 things that happen after you get married

11. You think about your future plans more seriously than you ever have.

Marriage brings with it a certain finality. While it’s nothing to be feared, it is only natural that your brain starts looking for answers about your impending life decisions. Your career goals, family planning, and a whole lot of other “adult” things suddenly occupy your mind space.

12. You suddenly have a whole new perspective

Your single friends come to your for sound advice on ‘finding the one’ and ‘settling down’. You don’t mind this new found role of the advice-giver.
12 things that happen after you get married

13. You are always busy!

One would think you’re the prime minister of the country or something but with managing families (old and new), and work pressures, and couple time, and friends (yours and his), you really find yourself pressed for time and multitasking like never before! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr