13 Things No One Ever Tells You About Graduating From College!

13 Things No One Ever Tells You About Graduating From College!
Graduating from college is a pretty big deal; it’s a rite of passage if you may. While it’s a transitional phase in our lives which stirs up a million emotions, there are so many things that don’t even cross our minds. Yes, here are a few things NO ONE tells you about graduating from college!

1. Waking up for the morning lecture will not be your worst problem.

Sorry to break it to you love, but as real life commenceth so do real problems that go beyond snoozing the alarm. Think jobs, bosses, rent, etc and pardon us for the plainspeak. 1 graduating college

2. You have already met some of your future bridesmaids.

The friendships you forged during these precious years will last you a lifetime. Well, maybe not all; but some, for sure.

3. There’s no guidebook anymore.

You know how when you’re learning swimming, you start with a float first. And as tough as it seems, you flail about wildly splashing but still don’t sink. Well, the proverbial float is off now.

4. Money will suddenly be a concern.

Not like it wasn’t earlier, but you’ll find yourself thinking about money a lot more. About how much you’d like to make, how much you have, and how much you need... It’s normal.

5. You will need to update your wardrobe.

Well, at least that means you get to go shopping! Some respite, haan? You can’t spend the rest of your days in torn jeans and flip-flops. You will need grown up clothes. Though they can be trendy too – welcome to the real world, sartorially. 5 graduating college

6. Your parents will talk to you differently.

It’s called ‘adulting’. They now see you for the young woman you’ve grown up to be, and this isn’t a bad thing.

7. You will always be pressed for time!

Whether you choose to study further or gain some work ex, your time will be more precious than ever. After all, these are the years to make something out of yourself.

8. You will view relationships differently.

This doesn’t have to be scary. It only shows that you are evolving as you should. In this phase of life, when time is such a scarcity, you will want to be in a relationship that doesn’t emotionally consume you - and with good reason too. You will perhaps shed the rose tinted glasses you frequently sported when you looked at relationships in your younger days.

9. You WILL miss college

You may think it’s about time to be in the real world and enjoy all that life has to offer, but trust us when we say – there’s no time like college. We don’t mean to sound like your parents do as they reminisce about their past, but let’s just say we understand them now. So no matter how much you hated that teacher or hated exam pressure – get ready for some heady nostalgia. 9 graduating college

10. You will make mistakes

It’s natural that you will stumble a few times as you prepare yourself for the real world. You may work at a place you hate, or you may refuse an interesting job offer – it’s all part of the learning curve. Embrace it with open arms. There’s no failing in life, it’s all just a series of learning. Always remember that.

11. You will make new friends

If you feel like your quota of friends is complete with college, think again. You will aquire many more friendships along the way. You’re going to make friends at your first job, and second job, and so on. Once you get married you’ll have couple friends too. The point is that everyone thinks they’ve maxed out their ‘friends capacity’ when college ends, but this is far from the truth.

12. You’ll find yourself asking one question an awful lot...

‘What do I really want to do in life?’ – Trust us, this is a phase we all go through. There’s no need to freak out every time you are faced with this question. We suggest you don’t stop at anything till you get a definitive answer. The best people we know in life have often asked themselves that. Some of them still do.

13. You WILL find your calling and it may surprise you.

So the number one thing that no one tells us when we graduate is that life can take some pretty surprising and interesting turns AFTER college. Don’t resist these. You may find yourself working in a field you never even studied in. This is not that unusual an occurrence. Enjoy the fact that life is affording you chances to discover new industries and be open to change in general. College teaches you many things in life – these may be applied directly or indirectly. Education is never a waste, okay? Okay! 13 graduating college GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr