10 Things Guys Want During Sex… But Wouldn’t Admit To!

10 Things Guys Want During Sex… But Wouldn’t Admit To!
Ladies, just like us, men have certain expectations from sex. They want to be able to experience all the amazing things they’ve heard about! However, usually, they’re apprehensive about asking you, as they don’t want to come on too strong. Here are 10 things men want during sex but won’t ask for!

1. Two Is Better Than One

We mean orgasms. Multiple orgasms are the bomb! Men want to be able to give you multiple orgasms in order to completely satisfy you, in one session. 1 things men want during sex

2. Long Lasting

Yes, women take longer to orgasm than men. Sometimes, all men want is for the sex to last as long as possible. Just so that they are able to be there for you, without the urgency of ejaculating.

3. Take Control

Most men are turned on by women who are confident in bed! They like to sit back and let the women take control. Taking control also tells them that you want it just as much as they do, which makes them feel appreciated!
3 things men want during sex

4. Dirty Talk

Make some noise for your man, ladies! Don’t be shy, because men like it when you’re the talkative one in bed. If you’re uncertain about the rules of dirty talk, then we have some useful tips for you!

5. Compliments Galore!

While you’re pleasuring his body, it’ll also be a good idea to pleasure his mind. Men often feel insecure about their bedroom skills too. Tell him what he’s doing right in bed and how much pleasure he brings you. While he’ll never ask for this himself, he’ll love it if you do it - but always be honest! 5 things men want during sex

6. Hit The Lights, Not!

Men are visual creatures. They get turned on by what they see just as much as they get turned on by what’s happening. So turn on the lights, and let him get a good view of all the action.

7. Touch Yourself

Like we mentioned, men like visuals. Nothing turns them on as much as seeing a woman pleasure herself and be completely free in front of them. 7 things men want during sex

8. Squirt City

Women rarely squirt - but if you do, it’s completely natural. Not only that, to men, squirting is this magical thing that happens that proves their prowess in bed. They take it as a compliment!

9. Some Hand Action

Sex is a two way street so don’t just let him do all the work. Use your hands, mouth and whatever else you want, to turn him on! 9 things men want during sex

10. Rough It Up

Men don’t always want sex to be romantic and sweet. Sometimes, they would love it if you decided to get rough and dirty between the sheets. So if you’re up for it - play along with his fantasies! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr