10 Little Things Guys Find SO Attractive About Girls!!

10 Little Things Guys Find SO Attractive About Girls!!

At some point or another, every girl has spent time wondering what could it take for a guy to like them back. Attraction is subjective, but at the end of the day, we are all human beings drawn to similar qualities in a prospective partner. Here are 10 little things men find attractive in women...

1. Overall confidence

A positive body language is often something which draws men towards women. If you are welcoming, kind, empathic, it reflects in the way you interact with people irrespective of how introverted or shy you are as an individual - and that helps you have a good impact on others.

1 things men find attractive

2. Good looks and good looks

As much as we would like to dismiss it, what perhaps enamours men the most, at a first glance, is a woman’s physical appearance. Again, that has little to do with how you ACTUALLY look, and more to do with your fashion sense, the way you carry yourself and whether all of it complements your personality. So just go with your instincts girls, that should be reason enough for a guy to like you back.

3. Conversation skills

Are you able to keep up with a conversation, express yourself intermittently and also be a good listener to the other person? A guy will always find himself drawn to a woman who is articulate in her views and well informed.

4. Sense of humour

If you inhibit the ability to laugh at yourself and also crack up the person at the other end of the table, consider the battle half won. Guys anyway are a bit laid-back, so they revel in the presence of women who don’t take themselves too seriously.

4 things men find attractive

5. Aware and intelligent

This has little to do with the overall percentage you scored in your board exams. Think presence of mind, think of a woman who tells it like it is and stands up for herself and others. She doesn’t succumb to the narrative that women are generally talkative and, whether it is a boardroom or a first date, she takes up space on the table that she rightfully deserves.

6. An ability to say ‘no’

It doesn’t make you ‘hard to get’ but just someone who knows what she wants and doesn’t go with the flow just for the sake of it. Guys adore you for your ability to put yourself first.

7. Giving them a benefit of doubt

Men are drawn towards women who cut them some slack and are able to take things with a pinch of salt. As a potential romantic interest you could express a disapproval about certain aspects of his erratic lifestyle, but please don’t come in a way of him just wanting to live his life.

7 things men find attractive

8. Honesty is indeed the best policy

Women are often, unwittingly perceived as mysterious, elusive creatures who say something else while thinking something entirely different. Don’t play into this stereotype and be honest and frank about your intentions.

9. Unafraid to commit

You think things through and when you put your mind to something, you execute it to the best of your abilities. The idea of love and commitment doesn’t faze you and rest assured, men, find it incredibly refreshing.

10. Efficient multitasker

The fact that you are able to effectively juggle time between your work, friends, family and your boyfriend speaks volumes about how serious you are about making each aspect of your life work. That girls is bound to impress him!

10 things men find attractive

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