10 Things Girls Do Without Realizing… And Guys LOVE Them!

10 Things Girls Do Without Realizing… And Guys LOVE Them!
Sharing your personal space with someone often results in rediscovering yourself in a unique and special way. Your small quirks and habits which usually go unnoticed are now privy to another person who is enjoying every bit of it. Here are 10 things girls unknowingly do in bed that guys love!

1. Doze off while reading

Well, it starts with you reading something in bed, twisting and turning while the plot thickens. But because you are also quite tired, you subconsciously doze off while reading. He grins from the opposite side of the end, plants a big kiss on your cheeks, switches the lights off and falls asleep with his arms around you.
1 things girls unknowingly do in bed

2. Snore away wistfully

Nope, that’s really not embarrassing.When you are fast asleep, snoring softly, your guy finds it downright adorable because he knows for a fact that he snores too… And you have never made things awkward by bringing it out with him.

3. Hug him in your dreams      

You always manage to maintain some sort of body contact with him as you sleep and it is usually a big hug around his waist - which he absolutely loves! 3 things girls unknowingly do in bed

4. Kiss him

Even when you are just tired and want to pass out, you don’t do it without kissing him, every night. And you don’t jump out of your bed, raring to seize the day without kissing him in the morning. These small actions of yours make him feel super special!

5. Look all cute in your night clothes

He finds you absolutely ravishing even when you are ready to tuck yourself in wearing a loose shirt, shorts and warm fuzzy socks. 5 things girls unknowingly do in bed

6. Better still, sleep naked

You are damn comfortable about your body and because of your inherent confidence and charm… He can’t take his eyes off you either.

7. Stretch it out

When you get up in the morning, let out a yawn and arch in a way that he is simply unable to take his eyes off you. 7 things girls unknowingly do in bed

8. Subtly encouraging him to spoon you

When you casually take his hand and put it around your waist… he knows very well where all of it is going.

9. Snuggling, no holds barred

When you get cozy next to him without your bra on, there is finally no contraption between you guys… And he can never get enough of it! 9 things girls unknowingly do in bed

10. Final touch? Leave his bed smelling of you

He loves the way his bed smells of you even after you have left. Your lingering scent makes him feel you’re still around. GIFs: Giphy