10 Things All Girls Do - But Guys Will Never Understand WHY!

10 Things All Girls Do - But Guys Will Never Understand WHY!
There are some things about girls that guys just fail to understand. But come on, we girls aren't all that complicated. Sure, we can be a bit tricky sometimes. But there’s nothing that a little attention can’t fix. Here are 10 things girls do, that guys just don’t seem to understand. Read on to LOL!

1. A girl’s love for gossip!

Truth be told guys love to gossip as much as girls do (if not more). Of course, as long as we are not hurting someone’s sentiments - it’s harmless and fun!

2. Why girls go to washrooms in groups?

Well, that’s ‘coz we need to click selfies, discuss who’s wearing what and touch up our make-up, silly!
2. things girls do

3. The superpower that enables girls to remember things from a gazillion years ago!

We may occasionally say stuff like ‘Remember you said “that thing” to me on 29th February 2012 at 8:46 pm?’... But we also remember important birthdays, anniversaries, graduation days etc, thanks to this superpower!

4. How girls can spend the entire day at the mall shopping

Counter question for you guys: How can you spend a whole day gaming? 4. things girls do

5. Why girls have SO many mood swings when they are PMSing?

2:00 pm: ‘I feel on top of the world today.’ 2:09 pm: ‘You’ve changed, you don’t pamper me like you used to.’ 2:15 pm: ‘I need ice cream!’ Yes, that’s us. But hey! These mood swings during that time of the month are legit and even science agrees.

6. Why on earth do girls take so long to dress up?

Well, sometimes we need everything to be on fleek - right from our eyeliner to our heels. And perfection takes time. Also, we want to look super sexy for you! 6. things girls do

7. Why does it bother them if someone else wears the same outfit at a party

Um... Because it’s kinda weird. We spend SO much time choosing, trying and serenading an outfit in front of the mirror so we’d like to look unique!

8. Why girls love to stalk other girls on social media

To gauge what’s trending. We like to know who’s where, doing what and with whom. Basically, we like to stay updated on stuff. *Wink* 8. things girls do

9. How we can get emotionally swayed by chick flicks and their portrayal of romance

Maybe, just maybe, we like that we are emotionally evolved. Also, we love when a romantic movie reaffirms our belief that a ‘happily ever after’ exists.

10. The reason behind a girl’s obsession with taking selfies

This one’s not just us. Men do it too… Sometimes way more than we do. 10. things girls do GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr