10 *Cute* Things EVERY Girl Does When She Gets A Boyfriend!

10 *Cute* Things EVERY Girl Does When She Gets A Boyfriend!
The start of a relationship is this hazy, delirious and happy phase of living in the moment, grinning all day long and feeling the light of love seeping through an otherwise mundane life. Here are 10 things girls do in a new relationship.

1. Blush away

One mushy message from him and you can feel yourself going red. Your friends don’t even ask for an explanation and straight away cut to the chase and start teasing you about him, making you blush even more! 1 things girls do in a new relationship

2. Text incessantly

You are always on your phone - updating him on every minute of your day, sending sneaky selfies, cracking jokes and already making plans for your evening date.

3. Randomly mention him in a conversation  

‘You like Butterscotch flavour ice cream? No way! So does my boyfriend!’ You just need an excuse to bring him up during an interaction with someone so that you can just keep talking about him.

4. Give nicknames

There is a constant effort to come up with terms of endearment which would suit him - if nothing you come up with gets his stamp of approval, you just go ahead and save his number on your phone with a gazillion ‘heart eyes’ emojis. 4 things girls do in a new relationship

5. Get insecure

Is it happening too fast? Do you like him more than he likes you? What if he wants to break up - You just got together. The doubts are endless when you are at the beginning of a relationship which feels too good to be true. But do away with your worries and just enjoy girls!

6. Take extra care of yourself

Mid-week mani-pedis, blow drys, you want to look ravishing every time you meet him. Sometimes you go the extra mile and buy a special dress for a night out with him.

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7. Daydream… Quite a bit!

When you are not with him, you spend your time zoning out periodically during other conversations, daydreaming about what you are going to do when you see him next. 7 things girls do in a new relationship

8. Show off

We have all done it. No qualms in admitting that when we have a super cute boyfriend all we want to do is show his photos to everyone and talk about how great he is all the time!

9. Great expectations

Of course, if you are in a new relationship you would want your life to play out like a film - every romantic song on the radio feels like it was written for both of you. Parks, traffic junctions, your office cubicle - every place feels perfect to break into dance out of sheer happiness.

10. Long nights on the phone

Important work presentation the next day? No biggie. You’d still spend the night before talking sweet nothings to him and going - ‘No you hang up, no you hang up’. It is all new and beautiful and you can’t have enough of it. 10 things girls do in a new relationship GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr