#HeSays: 11 Things Girls Do Before Sex… That Guys Love!

#HeSays: 11 Things Girls Do Before Sex… That Guys Love!

There are many things you ladies do during sex that completely blow our minds. And we're sure you're aware of this too. But what about the things girls do before sex? Yes, there are some things you do intentionally and some totally unintentionally that we really, really love! Here are a few of them.

1. A striptease!

Even if you're just taking the most boring clothes off… We love it because the clothes are coming off!  

2. A little dance number

When you moves your hips to non-existent music… Or even hum along sometimes! It's so HOT, but also so cute.

3. Massage us

Come on now. Who doesn't love a massage? Especially before sex!!

3 things girls do before sex

4. Or massage themselves even

When you take the lotion out and start massaging it onto your legs… We just can't take our eyes away from that scene.

5. Tease us

When you know we're horny but deliberately make us work just a little bit more for it… Yeah, we might act irritated, but we secretly like it.

6. Change into something...sexy

You go to the bathroom to freshen up but come back looking like a sex goddess. What can we do but just watch in awe?

6 things girls do before sex

7. Clean up the room a bit

It's damn adorable when you try to hide the mess by throwing everything off the bed onto the couch. And we love it because you clearly have sex on your mind too!

8. Put on music

Setting the mood is important and we know it, ladies. But when you actually make the effort to do it, it makes us feel really warm inside.

9. Take a shower

Not that we care at all about it, but when you take a shower right before sex, it kinda makes us feel even more turned on because of how sexy and...wet you look.

9 things girls do before sex

10. Touch themselves

When you get started without us… Wow. That's something we can watch you do forever (even though we would rather not do just that!).

11. Give us a bit of a hand

Taking matters into your hands but giving us a teaser of what is to come… That's sexy, ladies. And really appreciated!!

Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr